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  1. S

    Hi everyone

    Hi all. I've come here to find like minded Individuals that may go through the same sorts of things I go through from time to time. Because I'm sure as you're all well aware whether your have constant anxiety or depression when they finally hit you like a hammer to your soul you can feel so...
  2. N

    Weird Panic Attacks

    Hey there, So I have been experiencing this "attacks" since I have been a kid and kinda learned to control them and calm myself down, but never actually consulted anyone about them. It would be really interesting to know what these are and also the causes. My first guess was a sensory overload...
  3. L

    Fight with my Father

    Hi all, on Friday just gone I got into an altercation with my dad, I'm 39 and he is 64, he became very aggressive towards me, so I asked him to take it outside, because I feeling vulnerable in such a small space, when I got into the back garden I turned round and he was coming towards me with a...
  4. FallenAngel

    Dial 'M' For Massacre

    I don't know whether it is the sunny weather or the bizarre dreams I had last night or the wrong side of the bed. Let me check it is 08:45 and I have barely been in the office an hour and I have a burning desire to murder the whole office. I swear I just heard the same conversations as yesterday...