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  1. fazza

    Well Folkes It is time for a new chapter

    After 10 years of not working I have decided to get back in the saddle. I have started applying for jobs as I have never felt clearer in my mind for a long time. My time spent in hospital in february and march has really opened my mind. I have recently moved house and my stress levels are now...
  2. K

    Do I have ADD or what?

    Hi, I took haloperidol for 3 years because of psychosis. I should not have been prescribed this but my mother kept insisting to the doctor I was schizophrenic which i wasn't. But I was diagnosed with dysthymia and adjustment disorder in the mental hospital. Could they have diagnosed with...
  3. Danniegirl1990


    Starting haloperidol tomorrow- quite nervous about it but I'm running out of options... What are your experiences (side effects, helpful/not)? Thanks
  4. W

    Anyone tried these two APs together

    I've been on haloperidol and sertraline for 2 years. Lately the haloperidol hasn't been working as well so I've started taking aripiprazole too. The doctor wants to stop haloperidol but I'm scared because it worked so well for me in the past. Can I take both?
  5. fazza

    All systems are go for starting Clozapine

    Got my blood tests back today and my white blood cells are normal and I am just waiting for a bed so that I can finally after 2 years of trying to start clozapine. I am currently on depot haloperidol and olanzapine but I still have symptoms. Hopefully in a few weeks I will be free of voices
  6. S

    What do you think to this idea?

    Well I'm on 60mg Depixol injection every 2 weeks, was on 40mg and was stable most of the time unless I got drunk. Now I'm thinking of lowering my injection to 30mg and asking my doc for Haloperidol prn. What I'm thinking is if I can bring on a milder episode then take the Haloperidol when I'm...
  7. fazza

    Stopping meds Too sedated to function

    I am thinking of coming off my meds. I currently take 20mg of olanzapine and 300mg haloperidol depot per month. I still here voices and have a constant running commentary with these drugs and I cant go on clozapine because my white count is too low. I dont see the point of taking these drugs...
  8. D

    Any experiences and advice?

    I have recently been diagnosed with schizophrenia and given two pills, one Haloperidol and the other containing Paroxetine. For the past few days I have been unable to sleep and cannot stay in one place for a long time and my parents tell me that I over fill my mouth with food so much so that I...
  9. fazza

    Haldol Depot Sedation is killing me

    I have recently been put on a haloperidol depot and it really is knocking me out. It was only a 50mg test dose but I think it could be interacting with the remaining Risperdal consta depot that may be left in my system. I would like to know if the sedation wears off after a while or am I going...
  10. F

    New Injectable Antipsychotics May Be No Better Than Older Meds

    A new study finds that among adults with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder, treatment with newer, more costly antipsychotic medications results in outcomes similar to those of older medications. As discussed in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), a comparison between...
  11. loulabelle


    Has anyone taken this ? My pdoc wants too put me on it if im still unwell but i dont want to be on any antipsychotics. And to be hounest it dosent sound like a very nice drug !!
  12. J

    Medication (Haloperidol) feel too tired, want to get on with life.

    The medication I'm on is Haloperidol. I am on a CTO so I have to take it. The problem is I am sleeping 12-16 hours a day and have put on weight. The psychiatrist is very unhelpful. She said I'm going to be on it for at least 2 years. I can't do anything, I want to join a football team, but...
  13. F

    Haloperidol clearly is neurotoxic. Should it be banned?

  14. M


    do they give haloperidol in the uk for mania? if yes how much?
  15. T


    I fail to get up each morning I feel so tired. I have tried vitamin supplements,nutrition, exercise getting a warm bath before sleeping and now meditation.How can I get out of this mess? I am Bipolar 1 and on Haloperidol, I am currently stable. Help
  16. F


    Hi, After being on Seroquel for a few years I gained so much weight that I decided to stop taking it, landed myself in psych hospital and was put on Risperidone two months ago. I am out of hospital now but have had so many side-effects from the Risperidone including severe headaches and...
  17. T

    Haloperidol - Help

    I have been put on Haloperidol this week after trying Olanzapine, which i found didnt do anything except making me eat more!!! I was just wondering how people are managing this drug and how long it takes to take effect. Im on 2mg at night, and last night was the worse, i had jumpy legs, arms...
  18. F

    Antipsychotics & Suicide

    Given a choice, I wouldn't take antipsychotics. Unfortunately for me, I don't have a choice in the matter, as I live in NSW, Australia, where Community Treatment Orders exist, and I'm on one at the moment. I see this as an abuse of my human rights. In March 2011, when the CTO began, a...
  19. G

    signs and portents

    Having lots of coincidences at the moment, but dont feel psychotic. Do other people have these experiences. Like ideas of reference and word association. But feel its more than the illness, using haloperidol to shut miself down a bit. crazy stuff going down. But dont feel crazy
  20. M

    haloperidol as a sleeping pill?

    After trying tamazepam to help me sleep (I stopped sleeping) my dr said to try this. Ive just looked on packet and it doesn't say anything abou being a sleeping tablet. Anyone else had this?