1. L

    Severe chills?

    Hi, I’ve just started Uni and so I’ve been pretty anxious for a while now. But on the first night I suffered some really odd chills and I want to know if anyone’s suffered anything similar. Basically I was freezing, but I didn’t have goosebumps or shivers. I put thick winter PJs on with socks...
  2. chesterking

    No diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia

    I've never had a diagnosis of having paranoid schizophrenia. I did have a brief episode for a few months but that was it. I do not hallucinate and do not hear things that are not there. I just have a feeling of being mentally unwell.
  3. B

    Please help inexperienced

    Would someone who is hallucinating be able to TELL they were hallucinating? Answers from people who hallucinate highly appreciated.
  4. M

    Article - Bullied children more likely to hallucinate or hear voices

    Bullied children more likely to hallucinate or hear voices - Telegraph Children who are bullied at school are more likely to have heard voices, have seen hallucinations or be paranoid than those who were not, a study by the Universities of Warwick and Bristol have found. Bullied children are...
  5. P

    oxynorm addiction?

    So I'm on oxynorm a pain killer. And while I was in hospital I was told it is addictive and makes you hallucinate... I'm already hallucinations but what if I become addicted I'm scared
  6. W

    Use of Computer Technology for efficiently Dealing with "Voices"

    Use of Computer Technology for efficiently Dealing with "Voices" From my experience of dealing with such a bunch of "Insane as Insane can be" residue of "Voices" or "Auditory Hallucinators" as they are more scientifically called ... I did not want to waste too much of my "Personal" resources...
  7. O

    Am I getting really paranoid

    I have bpd OCD and depression. I get non psychotic hallucinations and I hear voices in my head but they are like thoughts but flow like a voice but it doesn't feel like my own thoughts/voice. I reduced my olanzapine last night from 10mg to 5mg and I am so on edge. Every noise I hear in the house...
  8. M

    Zopiclone makes me hallucinate

    Hello, I'm am currently taking Paxil and zopiclone. The zopiclone has been making me hallucinate in the night if I have to get up. I have seen a group of dark figures in my yard milling around and the other morning around 4 am, I followed 2 bears into the woods only to have them turn to...
  9. suicideangel

    I think there right

    I don't know what to do anymore I'm Starting to think there right I'm starting to Think I have a personality disorder my old doctor said he thought I have BPD and another doc said he thought I had psychosis and the crisis team Said I act like somone who has something wrong ad at college my...