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  1. E

    Hallucination? I feel uncomfortable right now...

    Hi, Something weird happened this evening when I was sitting in my room making music. I looked down to my left where my door was and I saw my door opening and then I blinked my eyes again and it was closed... Sometimes I wonder if everything I experience isn’t really fully anxiety related. I...
  2. Ecri

    Quick voices question

    I find myself in the middle of a conversation with someone and realize that they aren't there with me. Can auditory hallucinations be like that? I also have dissociative amnesia sometimes (like I'll be in a living room and forget everything like it didn't happen and things seem new but I still...
  3. C

    my fked up crazy world :-( advice plz

    Hey im new to this site i was looking at some blogs by other members n feel like crying i hv bpd which i call the invisible illness no one quite understands whats it like to live in the mind of a tormented bpd sufferer n hv to keep a brave face on constantly .. I also hv bipolar n panic disorder...