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  1. L

    In a complete state and very alone

    BPD has been bad today, feel very unwell. An argument with my husband, which resulted in name calling from his part (about my weight, very overweight due to meds) caused one of the worst episodes in a long time. Just became hysterical and shaved all my hair off. I am coming to terms with...
  2. B

    Relapse, need advice/reassurance.

    Hi guys, this is my first ever post in here and I know this is going to be doing me no favours looking for reassurance, but any advice that can be given would help greatly. Since I was about 16/17, I had symptoms of pure O OCD, I however did not learn this was a thing until I was at least 18...
  3. B

    New and weird

    Well, I’ve finally crossed over into the twilight zone. I’ve been letting my hair grow for about 3 years with random trims. But it’s now reaching mid back (wet). When it dries, my curls shrink a bit. But I’m terrified someone will cut my braid off or cut a chunk of my hair, so I’m starting to...
  4. C

    My mum doesn't let me bath

    This is really embarrassing to talk about, but I'm so fed up of keeping it hidden Ever since I was a kid my mum has hardly ever let me have a bath or properly wash myself, which should be one of the most basic things to do right? But not for me!! We don't have a shower or anything, so I try to...
  5. R

    Hirsutism. Being a hairy woman is a nightmare.

    Nothing works. There's no cure for hirsutism. I went to the gynecologist and she did an ultra sound to check my ovaries. No cysts. So that means I don't have PCOS. I got my hormones checked years ago and they said it was normal. Where does this hirsutism come from?! The hair is getting thicker...
  6. A

    Does clopixol cause hair loss

    I just want to know if anyone uses the antipsychotic clopixol and if it causes hair loss.
  7. S

    I regret cutting my hair very short. I feel horrible.

    My hair looks a lot like this right now: Obviously the woman in the photo is beautiful and looks great with her haircut. I don't. I had it cut very short before and I decided to get it cut again. For some reason I thought that maybe this time I would like the way I look with short hair. I...
  8. G

    Does this sound like OCD?

    Hello, I’m currently in therapy every other week for depression and anxiety but I’ve been hesitant to bring up some other things with my therapist . I’ve realized that there are two really gross things I’ve done my whole life . These are things that I can hide if necessary but they really...
  9. B

    Self Care and Self Realization

    I’m not sure where this falls and I couldn’t find it. Maybe I didn’t do a good enough search.... For the past 2 weeks I haven’t combed my hair, looked at myself in the mirror (face or body) and I wearing the same clothes day after day. I’ll admit that I have long curly hair and it doesn’t...
  10. S

    Wierd urge to shave my head

    I have suffered from anxiety and depression in the past, but have responded well to my anti-depressants and so, have been feeling 'better' since this summer. Recently however, something strange has been happening. I've got this weird urge to just shave my head. I'm wondering if it has something...
  11. Fairy Lucretia

    matted hair

    im so ashamed of my hair its all matted and knotted ,i haven't had it cut for 15-20 years cos of social anxiety there was a time i took care of myself now im a mess x
  12. J


    Can anyone please help or share their experience. I lost a lot of weight in a week. Due to flu. 2 years ago. Took about 2 months or 3 maybe to put the weight back on. I dont know as dont have scales i house weighed myself in work when i came back dont know how good scales are. Not planned. I...
  13. A

    Hair loss

    I've been on antipsychotic meds for mental health for almost a decade and I have suffered from hair loss for a long time. I think the meds are making my hair fall out, I just wanted to know if there is anyone else experiencing this.
  14. S

    How can I stop letting my hirsutism bring me down?

    For those of you who don't know what hirsutism is, it's when women grow body hair like men. It could be caused by PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) or just genetics I guess. I got my hormones checked and they said everything was normal. I don't know if I have PCOS or not. But I've been dealing...
  15. C

    Hair Loss

    Hey all, Been struggling with ill mental health this past year due to stressful life changing events and situations. This past month I noticed my hair quite thin - it wasn't looking great or making me feel very pleasant about myself so I decided to have it cut in a very short style hoping it...
  16. J

    Sister's Hygiene Issues

    I need suggestions for getting my sister to take a bath. She has not had a bath or shower in over seven years. She is bipolar, agoraphobic and severely depressed. She takes a lot of medications for depression and anxiety so she sleeps about 14 hours a day. I want my old sister back and...
  17. N

    Inadvertantly - Overlooked Medication Dose - 20ml - Abilify

    Hi all, I'm very well mental health wise, no acute/no severe or beyond severe problems, can't note, however, owing to my very painful head earlier on this afternoon, and i was sitract about 3.30/4pm, doing a bit of housework, for dad, at that juncture, and then I continued on supposededly as...
  18. I

    should i get hair done?

    Hi I'm.feeling low self esteem because my roots are coming through my blonde highlighted hair and I used to get done every six - 8 weeks when had guaranteed job but now I.dont I'm scared of spending money however my roots are making me have low self esteem so should I get them done? Thankyou as...
  19. freshstart2016

    First Date!

    Hey guys Tomorrow is my date. We are going to a indian resturant and we are going to see a movie. I was kinda unsure as to whether this is a date or just two friends hanging out? So I googled the restaurant and had a look at it. The restaurant looks amazing. Like a lot of thought has been put...
  20. Poopy Doll

    I try so hard

    I try so hard to be compassionate towards my 86 year old mother but she drags me into the psychological crap. I just want to be assertive and tell her NO, my childhood wasn't really wonderful. She keeps insisting it was. She needs to believe that. And I want to let her believe her fairy tale...