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  1. S

    hi guys

    umm hello... this last year has been really hard for me since i gave birth to my son... im only 19 and i dont have very much help with anything at all and never have but lately i have been really struggling and i feel extremely sad i have trouble sleeping i have started eating so much more and...
  2. T

    Help again

    Okay so most of my other i receive thoughts have gone either that or they are dormant but right now I'm suffering from sexual intrusive thoughts. They are annoying because they are making me doubt my own sexual attraction and my libido seems to be gone I'm doubting myself and what I like I think...
  3. letmein

    staying safe

    hi guys, I don't post much these days but think about you guys............ please stay safe and stay alive even when its really bad... there's always another day....
  4. S

    new here

    greetings guys, im new here, new(ly diagnosed) in bpd, new to this forum, not new to suffering
  5. T

    Any helps

    Okay so I have been suffering from ocd for quite some time the problem I'm having is now that the things I found sexual i feel like i don't or when I try to think of guys naked or anything I don't generalise I know if I do the thoughts are gonna take over and then I get the thoughts anyway is...
  6. UglyLoser

    Hey Guys

    Hey guys. I'm a new member here. I'm a 21 year old male virgin living in the East Coast. Depression has affected my my whole life. I actually recently started a YouTube channel that deals with depressing topics like being ugly, not having anyone ever love you, being rejected constantly and so on.
  7. Per Ardua Ad Astra


    Y'alrite Easy, guys :) How's it going? Hope you're all good or getting there today :)
  8. Mr.NiceGuy

    Do any of you guys hear each other as a voice?

    Do any of you guys hear me as a thought voice? A couple times when I've talked to some of you I thought you were a voice after that. Just to let you know I've spent 0% of my time being a voice onto anyone else's thoughts if that's what you think.
  9. survivor1418

    Hi there

    Hi folks im a 28 yo girl ive been dealing with depression, anxiety and panic attacks, and ocd for a couple of years in fact ever since i was in high school but most of all... toxic mother who seems to be more insane than shes ever been... im here to have some, you know, outer support ive been...
  10. Angel Of Darkness

    I have problems again.

    As you know, I recently posted a call for help. I know you guys couldn't do much for me at that time, thank you for your responses though... it means a lot. The help came as result of posting a call out on FB. I hope I'm making sense as I have not long woken, in a total state. I am trying my...
  11. R

    I feel bad for getting my sister sad and make her cry

    Hey guys just a little rant here. So I basically live a very programed life. With medication (8 pills a day), I'm able to go work and even though my co workers look confused at me sometimes, I'm not open about my problems as I don't think it's their business and I want to be looked just as "one...
  12. P

    Are you social or isolated?

    Right now i only communicate with my family, support group (doctors and case manager) and you guys. I used to have friends, but i estranged from them because i didnt have motivation to socialise. Right now i want friends again and im going out to events and activity clubs to meet new people. I...
  13. gabbyboy

    How to help my online gf with her family problems?

    I’ve recently been going through a rough patch with my online girlfriend. We’ve been together for about three years now from a dating site called LoveMe. A couple of months ago, her family has moved in with her due to financial issues. Since they’ve been sharing the same roof, communication with...
  14. M

    Just another newbie

    Hi guys! I'm also new here. I'm so glad to be a part of this forum!
  15. V


    Right now I can't do anything, that's why I wanted to post this post, to proof that I can't do anything. Cause I think, as of tomorrow, my life will change. Suddenly, I go on an upward spiral and can do a lot of things. And I just want to use this as a proof to show myself later, hey, I couldn't...
  16. M

    Totally Overwhelmed after 3 months of confinement

    Hi guys, I'm currently out from confinement for 3 months and before the confinement I have a contract that was signed but unfortunately this doesn't pursue due to i was confined. I think I experience v2k or voice to skull technology because i hear voices for the second time after almost 3 years...
  17. T

    Hearing voices network

    The hearing voices network offers groups all over the country. Non judgemental and supportive. Going to a xmas dinner with a group and its paid for because they have funding to do things to just thought Id let you guys know.
  18. P

    Going to do a course soon- yay! ^_^

    Im so happy that im going to be home schooled very soon. I love learning and studying. If you guys are interested in doing some courses at home go to openstudycollege. Im going to do health and social care level 3. :3
  19. P

    Looking forward to Christmas??

    Cant wait to put decorations on and eat yummy food. For Christmas i want some new books to read. :3 What about you guys, do you like Christmas? Also, do you get gifts or give gifts to others?
  20. J

    Hi, I’m new here and this is why I decided to join.

    Hi guys, so I’m a male gay teenager currently living with my grandparents in the East Midlands, UK. Recently more than ever I have been struggling to cope with my emotions, I have had on and off depression for the last 3 years of my life and so far the only thing that has ever pulled me out of...