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  1. C

    Feeling guilty

    I have been enjoying this summer very much but recently I have been feeling so guilty. I haven't had depression for nearly two years but right now I feel quite low. I feel guilty that I have been on holidays and keep thinking that others can't afford holidays so why should I have one? I am...
  2. snips31

    No positivity left

    feeling low, trying to be possitive, chear myself up, but i just wan't to curl up in a ball, boyfriends flat is a mess my room at home is a mess, didn't go to coffee morning at mh centre on mon, just give up on everything, i am such a disapointment to people i know, they get so frustrated with...
  3. ClearSkies

    Mood changes and feeling guilty

    So, since my last talk on here, I've been getting better - I've arranged to see a new counsellor who will assess me and see what needs to be done, which is a weight off my chest. I've also reconnected with a group of old friends and have made plans with them. So, in the last two weeks my life...
  4. T

    Glad I'm not me

    I'm new here so please bear with me. I have no friends left because I've scared or chased everyone away. I'm in the process of destroying another relationship. I don't ever join forums but I feel so alone and desperate I am giving it a shot. I feel so irritated by everything, I'm offended by...
  5. Lincoln1990

    I feel guilty

    I feel guilty. I'm not well enough to go out in public, I was supposed to go to church today. Needless to say I didn't. Now I feel guilty. We were supposed to go to the lake as a church. I'm sorry I didn't go. I feel horrible.
  6. B

    How exactly does guilt play a part in depression?

    I was diagnosed with clinical depression, and it seems like I even get guilty at the smallest things. Things that would probably be an afterthought to to average person, or bear little to no guilt, seems like it causes me to have an unbearable amount of guilt. I was wondering if depression...
  7. C

    Bitch from Hell Here!

    Poor wee old, snoring Cavalier - and me threatening murder, lol! Not a joke at 2 in the morning when I am struggling for shuteye!! poor lass - she could have landed a better owner. Had her near 10 years - she is not going anywhere - but I feel guilty. (no I CANNOT make her sleep downstairs at...
  8. mrlaurel

    help me make it to the crem..............................................

    help me make it to the crem.............................................. sorry its another thread by that "fucking fat twat" again. I have a promblem, I have been unable to visit my parents/sisters grave for many months now.... I am feeling guilty for now going, I did something very wrong...
  9. M

    confused.. and guilty

    can abuse of water retention cause a massive weight gain? :cry:
  10. G

    I feel scared of emotion and fear I am not a real person at times

    I'm sure I am not the only person on here who feels this way.To get more of an insight to save me typing the whole thread again,if you could look at my first posting on here.I just joined today or late last night (forgotten when). I feel as though it sounds pathetic,but I can trust many on here...
  11. G

    First thread: feel depressed,panicky,scared and guilty - sorry but very long

    First thread: feel depressed,panicky,scared and guilty - sorry but very long I don't really know where to start or if any point in saying this is a first thread,but I need help.I am waiting for NHS 24 to call me back. I've had depression since I was a child.I used to have crying spells and...
  12. speckles

    I don't know which forum to post but hello to everyone

    Hi Things are hard and I am feeling very low. I have considerable mental health difficulties. I cannot leave my house at the moment because my mental health issues have put me into heart failure so I can't walk around much. My family all live three hours away and I live on my own with my cat...
  13. xRedxSecretsx


    I'm so down today.... Feeling guilty for SH last night and drinking might have contributed. :(
  14. lilblade

    feeling guilty

    I can't help but feeling guilty about eating, I don't want to feel this way anymore.... please help!
  15. K

    Not sure whats going on???

    so lately i have been really emotional and angry. i have been shouting and having a go at my other half, and not even realising what i am doing or saying. i try to rethink what has happened afterwards and why i would of shouted and get told what i have said and it is all a blank to me. then i...
  16. prairiechick

    I Feel Guilty All The Time

    I feel guilty for not keeping my apartment clean, for depending on my dad financially, for not going out for a walk, for not going out to social gatherings, for just sitting here all day with my laptop watching crappy free movies on youtube. I feel guilty for eating, and guilty for not eating...
  17. T

    Looks like I passed it on :(

    Sorry, this is a tad long lol, About four/ five weeks ago, my 14 year old son and I noticed that he was sleeping a lot more, and had no energy. Two weeks ago I ended up taking him to the doc after he had two days off school. They suggested it might be viral, but also did a blood test to rule...
  18. E

    Wasn't sure where to post - any positive suggestions are appreciated.

    OK. So here's my story. in 2007 i met the love of my life truely. June 2008 we started going out and i've been with her almost 5 years now. 3 months into our relationship she moved away to university and i found this really hard. she came back every friday and we took her back on sunday, but...
  19. amathus

    Can you say 'no' ?

    When I say 'no' to someone or something, it usually makes me feel the guilty party.... The Trick to Saying "No" | Relationships in Balance
  20. S

    Quite ironic

    So I have had a pretty rough week I lay in bed continpating if SH is the way forward and I get up to put everything away and I accidentally fall against my tools...I don't feel guilty! Normally I have this sudden overwhelming feel of guilty but not tonight...does this mean I have fallen back...