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  1. J

    Confused over emotions regarding my dad

    Quick backstory, roughly 4 years ago my dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's, which in turn has left him crippled and depressed. His horrible temper has exaggeratedly worsened since then, and me and my mom have been left as verbal punching bags. Since the diagnosis I have so much time researching...
  2. S

    masturbation guilt

    Hello, I am a 22 year old boy. I have been struggling with some problems regarding porn and masturbation for about 10 years. When I was 12, at a confession at church, I told the priest that I had masturbated. He told me that I shall stop immediately or else it would be very bad for me. This has...
  3. M


    hey didnt know where to post but i think i have ocd. for about 6 years now i have always felt guilty because i think i can sacrafice people with my mind. I would think things in my head like "i would sacraficing someone having a happy life for something to happen," then i would feel guilty about...
  4. G


    I'm feeling very guilty today because I haven't gotten any writing done or really anything done. I don't have a job, my boyfriend is my sole support in literally all aspects of life because I can't hold up a job. Really, writing is supposed to be my job. I just feel so guilty that I haven't done...
  5. S

    I feel like there's something wrong with me.

    Here I am looking for attention again with my sad stories. I didn't want to post anything negative today but here we are again. I promise I'll stop after this. I'm sick in the head. I feel guilty for having moments where I'm arguing with myself in my mind about if I should forgive my father and...
  6. S

    How do I cope with the guilt?

    I'm trying to recover from attempting to take my life. But all I feel is guilt. It's been 3 months after I was discharged from a phsyciatric hospital and I have had no support since then from family or friends.. I often feel guilty about surviving.I just want to learn to accept what had happened...
  7. M


    I can't process without over thinking every single thing and ending up in a downward spiral. I have begun hurting myself again and want nothing more than to end my life but would feel too guilty on my family to actually act on those feelings. My boyfriend tends to go from very understanding to...
  8. G

    Did I make myself a pedophile

    I've been dealing with something lately. I never used to have a problem with it but the more stuff I've read I really don't know how to think. People saying that if you like shota your a pedophile and equating it with child porn and all that... I just wanted a little help from you guys. I just...
  9. P

    Talking to voices.

    "What's up ****?" I ask. "Hahahaha! Nothing, haven't killed yourself yet i see. Won't be long now." They say. "Probably. Tell me more about your thoughts on our guilt." I say. "Well, we think every single one of you are horrible at first. Just billions of guilty killer animals to us...
  10. I

    Here we go again?

    Hi guys, so I am new on here but needed to do *something* I've been about 6 months clean from self harm...until today. I am not even sorry right now either, I know I should feel guilty but I just feel relieved that I'm no longer feeling the pull towards it as I have been. I just feel relieved...
  11. Ali Sorakai

    Guilty Conscience and Anxiety

    Hi everyone! My name is Ali and I suffer from Generalised Anxiety, Major Depressive Disorder and Depression with Psychotic Features. Recently I have been feeling incredibly guilty about every little thing. It started a few months ago when my boyfriend and I decided to take a break. We have...
  12. T


    Does anyone else get terrible guilt? I feel guilty about everything, I question every action I've made and continuously play everything I've done over and over in my head feeling guilty about everything . I sometimes think I feel guilty for even living.
  13. D

    Its really hard for me to keep friends.

    Its very hard for me to keep friends. Im not exactly sure why but i wont deny that i am probably guilty in the matter. I use to be close with this guy, we became really awesome friends but suddenly it seems like he doesn't care too much about our friendship. Mostly i believe its because im...
  14. Bittersweet54

    My MOM is BITCH and I HATE her!

    Don't even try and make me feel bad or guilty cause it ain't happening.
  15. DerFluch


    I feel guilty. Like I did something wrong. Why do I feel like shit when other people have it way worse than me? I'm just a self entitled absorbed asshole. Even just making this post makes me feel guilty, because it takes up the space that others could use. Others with real problems...
  16. I'm Kate

    Feeling low

    Sorry. Am struggling today. Feel empty. Feel hopeless. Feel as if I want to hide from the world. Feel as if I can't return to my previous happy existence. Feel as if my traumas are to stay. Feel as if I'm beyond fixing. Feeling guilty when I'm surrounded by love. Feel guilty when I have...
  17. W


    Hello again, sorry for not introducing myself on the appropriate forum and not responding to other people's thread's but I feel like I have nothing to give. Which makes me feel guilty. I just spoke to the Samaritans. I was having a mental breakdown and now I just feel a desolate form of calm...
  18. B

    Do you think that this plays into my depression?

    In a few days, I'm going to be leaving my part-time job to go back to school in January. For some reason I feel guilty about leaving the job, but I think it's in my best interest to go back to university, and I feel like I'm betraying my boss and co-workers. Do you think I have reason to feel...
  19. F

    Guilty confession

    At one stage i would be in my pyjamas for days on end. Only getting dressed if i had to go out or knew i had a visitor. Now i've gone to the other extreme and go to bed fully clothed and hardly ever wear pyjamas. It can take me days to motivate myself to wash and change my clothes.
  20. C

    Introduction - new here

    Hi I am new to the whole forum thing but I am at my wits end . My husband who I love dearly suffers anxiety and panic attacks. He is on 50mg of sertraline tapering to come off guided by his doc but it has been very difficult for me. The side effects he has from sertraline have really affected...