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  1. A

    I think I'm actually enjoying something. ( Hitchhiker's Guide)

    Hi I know you guys don't know me. But I feel like sharing a bit. I hope nobody Minds. But the last couple of weeks I was going through some sort of dysphoric mania depression thing. But hopefully it's coming to an end. My doctor added antipsychotic and it seems to be helping somewhat. I hope it...
  2. N

    Fairy Lu?

    Hi Fairy Lu, I hope all is just about well with you, and that you are just about ok. We are here to listen, support and guide, you, whenever the need should arise. i do hope that you are just about ok. Best Regards, Natalie.
  3. A

    I need guidance

    I've come to notice that the main reason behind my depression is that I'm not doing something about it. And why is that? It's because I'm discouraged by the fact that I don't know how to navigate through my feelings or how to interpret my thoughts and reactions. I need someone to guide me...
  4. Fairy Lucretia

    i haven't been pulling my weight on here lately x

    im a terrible guide i promise to try harder x love Lu x
  5. B

    Oh Sun (poem about depression)

    Oh Sun Oh sun so mighty, A blood orange Pharos, Basking in all its glory, Take my hand, And guide me through the darkness. The blush of the day fades, Into a lifeless mist and soon The Siberian chill, that burns my skin, Turns me numb. My body, my heart. My heavy, heavy heart, Cannot fathom...
  6. M

    A twinsister with mental health problems

    Hello everyone, so glad i found this forum. I am here because my twinsister has created a madeupworld for herself, she believes she has been chosen and is a very important person in this other world. I don’t know how to deal with this, cause she thinks she is normal, not ill, and has for years a...
  7. F

    A simple guide to avoid receiving a diagnosis of ‘personality disorder’.

    A simple guide to avoid receiving a diagnosis of ‘personality disorder’. Written by recovery in the bin A simple guide to avoid receiving a diagnosis of ‘personality disorder’. – recovery in the bin Slightly tongue in cheek but makes some pertinent points.
  8. C

    Hi everyone.. i m new here and i need to know from where i can post my issues for open discussion

    Hi everyone.. i m new here and i need to know from where i can post my issues for open discussion please guide me
  9. E

    Early Intervention Service User Guide

    Hi all. If you're already a service user or have been in the past with the EIS, were you given a user guide and welcome pack when you were first referred? I'm asking primarily those in the UK but anyone may answer
  10. cpuusage

    Emapth Guidebook

    The Empath Guidebook - A guide for empaths
  11. cpuusage

    The 5 Levels of Healing

    The 5 Levels of Healing: A Guide for New Patients - YouTube 5 Levels of Healing
  12. F

    Schizophrenia and addiction(a guide)

    Schizophrenia is most notably characterized by odd and bizarre behaviors, and it’s these behaviors that often lead to the initial diagnosis. Most experts don’t believe that drug or alcohol abuse causes schizophrenia; it is widely recognized, though, that people with schizophrenia are more likely...
  13. F

    Dementia guide for carers and care providers

    The Dementia Guide for Carers and Care Providers offers practical information for anyone caring for a person with dementia and has been developed by our Thames Valley team in collaboration with healthcare professionals, educators and carers. The guide aims to support an understanding of the...
  14. Breakingtraining77

    Anyone ever try Acupuncture?

    I have place very close to where I live and was thinking about trying it for my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Anyone want to guide me through what happens? Thanks! Dave
  15. cpuusage

    The Fear of Death

    The Fear of Death - David Icke - YouTube Published on 22 Feb 2014 Let Light Be Your Guide In Life, Let Darkness Dwell In The Shadows, Let Love Guide Your Heart, We Are All Spirit.
  16. L

    New to this!

    Hello to everyone!! Sufferers, the recovering, and the recovered. I stumbled across this site in my quest to find people who understand the mental agony in being mentally ill. I hope to hear your experiences, as I will share mine, as together we can guide or follow each other through these...
  17. -Phoenix-

    Decision Maker's Guide

    DWP decision makers make their decisions based on legislation passed through parliament. But did you know that the guide to all the decisions they make are easily available online to any member of the public? Decision Makers' Guide - DWP It's heavy reading, and it may take a while to find what...
  18. A

    International Guide to the World of Alternative Mental Health

    This website link looks like it could be a really good resource for lots of people. Alternative Mental Health It's the International Guide to the World of Alternative Mental Health. It covers non-drug approaches and also investigations into biological/physical causes of mental health issues.
  19. F

    Mental Health Advocacy and Human Rights: Your Guide

    This Mental Health Awareness week, BIHR is pleased to launch Mental Health Advocacy and Human Rights: Your Guide, our latest practical resource to help respect and protect the human rights of people with mental health problems. This guide has been produced with Mind Brighton and Hove, Wish and...
  20. A

    Embodiment and Spiritual Sensitivity

    Embodiment and Spiritual Sensitivity Tuesday, May 8, 2012 Tami Simon speaks with Dr. Judith Blackstone, an innovative teacher in the fields of...