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  1. R

    Hi - it's just me a nobody

    Hi all- I'm a 50+ woman in the US. I guess some would say I'm feeling sorry for myself. Maybe I am! I'm so down on life in general these days. I find it hard to move; I have to "talk myself into" doing most things. Sleeping is my favorite pastime. What do you do when you're 50+ years old, never...
  2. N

    Getting worse

    So yeah, thought I'd post here too mostly because I've harmed myself since my last forum post. Not gonna go into too much detail, both due to the guidelines and as nobody really deserves that, but I can't help but notice it's getting worse. I have deadlines coming up, places I need to be... And...
  3. N


    Hiya, I decided to sign up to this just so I had somewhere to put all my thoughts. I've been dealing with some issues for the past few years (since around Year 10- I'm now an undergraduate, so roughly 4 years). I'll probably put up a more detailed post in an appropriate section later. I...
  4. C

    Hey, I'm new

    Hey yall. I'm new here, since this seems to be an active forum. I'm here cause I was, and I guess still am, diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder since I was 14 (21 now), but though the years have felt fine and honestly didn't know I was still being diagnosed with it for the past 4.5yrs. I've...
  5. C

    Hello all

    Hi there everyone! Just saying hello and introducing myself. I've recently been diagnosed with BPD at the age of 30 and I just started schema therapy. I guess I'm just looking for people to talk to who understand what it's like.
  6. C

    Feeling so alone

    Hi there everyone, This is my first time posting here. I hope ye are all doing as well as ye can be. I guess I'm posting here because I was recently diagnosed with BPD. I struggle with loneliness and feeling like I don't have anyone in the world, even though I do have a couple of friends and a...
  7. C

    sometimes accepting is the hardest struggle

    i spend time on this forum, answering those of us who seek support and re-assurance that they are not alone. I want to make others feel better and hopefully give them some relief of their pain. But i guess i need a little relief too. I'm tired. I read this article/blog about 13 ways...
  8. C

    another day

    here we go again. the start of another day, waking up 1.5 hours early in another anxiety/panic attack. My mind is beating out of my skull. Deep breaths don't work, hot shower doesn't work, waiting for meds to kick in, and to top it all, trying to relax before i go in and one of the cats...

    boss told me to be more polite on emails

    so now I start with 'Thanks for your reply' and end with 'Let me know if I can be of further assistance.' I guess it is kinda funny. Truth is I don't care but I just want a quiet life.
  10. Lolli_Liability


    I love it right now I love physical pain it is amazing it is the best feeling ever cause it's real . Also it makes me feel closer closer to the end . That would be nice . I feel like I can't get death right and that makes me so angry I even fuck up killing myself imagine that . So I keep...
  11. cinary

    Just need to tell someone I think

    Hello everyone 🙂 I guess I just need to tell someone. I don't know what to do. For the last few years the urge to self harm was bigger and bigger and I managed to deal with it, but I don't know what to do anymore. I guess part of the urge to do it is a need to have a physical proof of how bad...
  12. G

    Recovering from bullying/ostracism

    I wanted to start this thread so everyone that wants to could share one or some experiences they've had that started their depression or social anxiety. I have had a very hard time socially through life. Let me share a few of mine. I got bullied and left out all through elementary school but my...
  13. Guy12182

    I have a Daughter

    I have a Daughter who I found out after leaving my ex-wife and mother of my child was self harming. My daughter was just 8 yrs old when I left. There was a time when I was bad with mental illness and I hadn't seen my daughter for a while or talk to her. At the time, I was punishing my ex and I...
  14. M

    Back in contact with past flame

    So, I'm back in contact with a past flame as I like to say I liked him - we did end up going no further but it was based on our situations back then. But despite that I still liked him and I believe he liked me. We're back in contact and I never really didn't stop thinking of him. But I'm just...
  15. megirl

    Its been a while

    I have no idea when I posted last a lot has changed. My husband and i split up, just out of the blue he decided that he wanted to end our marriage, He didnt want to consider a temporary separation or counselling...so anyway here we are 3 months on. A few days after his decision to end our...

    Do you have body image issues? Or is it a genuine concern? or you just don't give a s***?

    Do you have body image issues? Or is it a genuine concern? or you just don't give a s***? A lot of us struggle with weight due to inactivity, meds - side effects, apathy, middle age etc. I know I do. I would like to be slimmer, but if I don't make it, I guess it is still okay? Right? I mean...
  17. H

    Im just looking for some advice, im running out of patience/fight

    Hi everyone, My names Joe, I am a 25yo male and ive had depression for roughly 11 years. Ive been taking Venlafaxine 150mg daily for about 4 months and had basic counselling, which was bullshit. I don't particularly know what im looking to write here, as it will probably just spill out as I...
  18. S


    Tick Tock, Minutes pass as vapors nicotine cloud the night. Can’t sleep loaded from vaping, try to sleep need more (or is it some nervous thing?) Can convince of hopelessness or suicide. Is it just an addiction, or maybe more, an ugly set up perhaps. I guess I don’t make any sense, guess I am...
  19. T

    I wouldn’t be depressed in the first place if people weren’t mean, rude and fake

    I wouldn’t be depressed in the first place if people weren’t mean, rude and fake Hi everyone I’m new here but I’m not new to having depression and anxiety. my issues with depression started, I guess in my teens which is about 30 years ago now. There were times when I use medications and they...
  20. Zardos

    How I Want To Die

    I was just thinking about my inevitable suicide and a new thought occurred to me.. I want to die in my bed (known that for years) with all my possessions around me.. Which is new... I mean what difference would that make ? Having all the crap I've scraped together over the years around me isn't...