1. cpuusage

    Pharma Execs Consider Fleeing China’s Corruption Crackdown

    Ha ha! Lets hope this is a growing trend - Pharma Execs Consider Fleeing China's Corruption Crackdown | Mad In America
  2. P

    No motivation

    One of the the things i struggle with is motivation , i'm having one of those days where i think to myself that i need to sort my life out and get over my social anxiety and depression , but i will be motivated by this for about 20 minutes , and this happens so often , this might be because i've...
  3. L

    I'm getting I•N•S•A•N•E•

    I was dating this girl for half a year and everything was going great, both of us "used" to selfharm. I made her stop harming herself and make her get rid of her E.D. and I did it. I spent so much time trying to fix her life and I forgot about mine. When she was getting better I was getting...
  4. T

    Blowing up like a balloon!

    I feel like I am anyway. My mood's gone high & I feel good, and I stop counting calories. And for a few days I don't care, but then I panic a bit, and I'm sure I must be growing rapidly :-/ Wish I could be bloody normal!! X
  5. M

    Depression due to the job

    Hai, guys, my age is 29, i am working in a company from 06 years, they are paying well, the problem is that it s a very boring job, can say no job at all, i cannot sit idle. i am worried of my future, recently got engaged and cannot change the job suddenly. i am very depressed for not growing...
  6. Amandapanda91

    Hello! :)

    I just found this app on my phone it seems amazing and beneficial im 20yrs old ive dealt with anxiety and depression pretty much my whole life due to growing up in a physical and sexual abuse home. So when I need to vent or need advice i think this site will be great!
  7. A

    repressed emotions - how to get out anger?

    When I first became ill many years ago now, it took place when I was sort of having an implosion of anger and emotions over my upbringing. I had no outlet really because I had to care for my baby and keep a lid on stuff and on top of that the adults responsible for my upbringing were in denial...
  8. Niniane

    How to cope ?

    Those days, it seems to me that I'm good for nothing. I can't do anything, have troubles staying focus on things, I cry all the time.... The voices and me currently being at my parents' place are not making it any easier, and I feel like I'm gonna crash down anytime. Like a bomb. I'm growing...
  9. A

    Complete isolation and urgent major surgery operation

    For almost 20 years I have suffered from severe anxiety disorder, panic attacks, social phobia, agoraphobia as well as chronic severe depressive illness. I have tried to commit suicide in many occasions. I am on very strong medication: a cocktail of tranquilizers and antidepressants. I live...
  10. amathus

    'The NHS is right - growing your own can aid depression.' Article The news that the NHS is piloting an eight-week course in gardening and vegetable growing to help combat depression is very welcome. It's not a new "therapy", its value is simply recognised as many daycare centres have...
  11. H

    Are you born with anxiety gene?

    Im wondering what is the cause of anxiety, as so many people have different stories. I didnt have it growing up, but maybe some of the tendancies were there that made me more susceptable to get anxiety problems. In the last few years Ive had real problems, not helped by drinking to cover the...
  12. S

    any carers care to share

    hello, just wondered if anyone looks after or outfor a child( lol shes 21) with bi polar. i wonder if im doing the right things for her, i worry for her growing up and coping on her own long term. thank you x jane
  13. J

    were u different growing up?

    heya, i am not diagnosed with anything, because i lie to psychiatrists because i don't trust them, i would like to find out if there are any warning signs of bipolar, not as in before an episode, i mean when u were growing up, were you different from other children? how old were u when people...