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  1. Kerome

    Getting old

    I just found a grey hair growing out of my ear! It’s the beginning of the end.
  2. F

    Growing number of care homes using personalised playlists to reduce use of anti-psychotic drugs

    Growing number of care homes using personalised playlists to reduce use of anti-psychotic drugs Written by Sue Learner May 26 Growing number of care homes using personalised playlists to reduce use of anti-psychotic drugs Sounds like a good idea to me.
  3. 6

    marriage counseling

    I took the plunge and called a marriage counselor. I don't know if it will help or not...but it is worth a try. We are together forever so hopefully we can figure out who I am and who he is and who WE are and then start growing together again. I just feel so different on my medication. Maybe...
  4. S

    I'm terrible at being an adult

    People say that being in your early 20s is hard because you're still growing into this new world. But I feel like everyone else my age knows what they're doing. They're just so sure of life. They seem to understand everything that I just don't even get. I never learned how to drive. I'm terrible...
  5. T

    Innate Suppression of Personality and Emtions

    Hello I believe that I subconsciously am suppressing my personality and emotions. It is entirely subconscious and I want to reverse it. I believe this stems from my mom who was very supresive growing up. I think I am stuck like this now and I am trying to reverse it. Does anyone have any...
  6. cpuusage

    Cry of the Millennial Witch

    Cry of the Millennial Witch Cry of the Millennial Witch — Ora North "I feel a divide growing within the spiritual movement. It has been growing slowly, almost imperceptibly. Like a frog swimming in a pot of gradually boiling water that hasn't realized the danger he's in. Here it is, dare I...
  7. S

    where did my mum go wrong? where did i go wrong?

    my dad has always been the strongest character growing up but i think i was in conflict between my mum and dad, i always looked up to my dad and he was like the pillar that held me up but my mum was having problems so it was a conflict between my mum and dad 'which one should i care about the...
  8. Beergardenweather

    My Mad Fat Diary

    I know there was a post about this a while ago but I've watched alot more of it since then and it's so close to the bone. It's even set the same time I was growing up. Anyone else watched it?
  9. A

    I Admit...I need to change!

    Hi Everyone, I had a rough childhood which I feel shaped me for the worse as an adult. In our house our dad was often a bully (Old World East Coast Italian style) and my mom was spineless. He was furthermore detached from the family and was a pessimist. On top of this, I was "the fat kid" at...
  10. cpuusage

    Is Buddhism a Good Religion for People who Don’t Like Religion?

    Is Buddhism a Good Religion for People who Don't Like Religion? | elephant journal The number of people who don’t practice an organized religion is growing. For almost all of human history, leaving the religion of your parents was unheard of. You could be born into a religion and stay in that...
  11. M

    Feeling an impending sense of doom

    Not feeling right at all. Think I have dpd and its growing worse each day.
  12. S

    The outskirts

    The outskirts A no woman's land I exist in but don't belong to Disposed of here in nameless void Too many years ago Flat eyes peer, fear grips and I behave Your will isn't mine, but I don't know what is So continue, oh you will, I know, it is only me with polite submission That seeks someone...
  13. B

    Loosing control over my life

    So hi world, don't know if anybody will read this,I don't know if I'm f,,,ing crazy but I feel like I need to ventilate some thoughts and feelings. I'm gonna try to summarize everything. I'm a 25year old woman struggling with a broken family, we used to be an ordinary loving family until the...
  14. cpuusage

    How Addiction Disrupts Your Spiritual Growth

    How Addiction Disrupts Your Spiritual Growth Whether you know it or not, you have been on a spiritual journey your whole life. Throughout the years, you are growing physically, mentally, emotionally and—even if you’re not religious—spiritually. Each of us has a spirit that has evolved in...
  15. B

    Growing up without a Mother

    Hi, I'm new to this site and I have problems relating to an issue not really covered anywhere. I grew up without my mum (she left home when I was 9) and it has left me struggling with many things since. I am now 39 and still don't know how to "be" in this world, can anyone relate?
  16. Linda1989

    Can schizophrenia be caused by emotional trauma

    I remember when I was in the 5th grade being bully in school everyday my grade were failing my parents were neglecting me, I had no one to lean on, it was very stressful to the point my hair was falling out every year. when I was 17 years old i quite school I was free from stress the best I ever...
  17. N


    Hey guys, my mam was diagnosed with schizophrenia when I was a child, I made a YouTube video about what it was like growing up. [moderated]
  18. M

    beating psychosis?

    Hi all, Did anyone manage to beat psychosis (no symptoms without meds) long term? If so, how? I get the type with delusions but no voices or hallucinations. It's reccurent (yearly). My current psychiatrist/therapist claims I don't even have it, but use it as a defence mechanism to "growing...
  19. N

    Depressed about my son growing up

    I know that there are people out there with worse problems, but I just need to get this out there and I am praying I get support because no one in my life is supportive. I already know that I have anxiety and depression and I have been on meds before but I am not currently, however, even when I...
  20. T

    Feeling very overwhelmed and depressed thinking about my kids growing up.

    Feeling very overwhelmed and depressed thinking about my kids growing up. Hello, I am a little embarrassed writing this. I know it's weird because there isn't anyone on here who knows me personally. Anyhow, I know that I will not make it through this post without losing it and blubbering like...