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  1. M

    art group

    every Friday 10.30 while 12.30 a art group is held in ponterfract west Yorkshire at st marys community centre chequerfield wf8 2ay. we do sensory art and other art activites. it would be great for others with mental health problems to get together we are all very friendly.
  2. S

    Am I being bullied?

    Hi, I think I am being bullied (I always had a gut feeling I din't feel comfortable within the group)...I started an antenatal group (privately NCT) as there were no NHS once going on due to a maternity move to another hospital. I felt ok on the course that we did, there wasn’t much time one to...
  3. R


    Hello, I've just joined the forum. I struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts as well as anxiety. I'm joining mostly because my boyfriend wanted me to find a mental health forum or group to get support from :rolleyes:
  4. P

    I want to die

    I am 22 years old. I have no girlfriend. I don't even know how to ride a bicycle. I am very skinny. I hate everything about me. I am always the one who gets mocked in a group. People make fun of me. Even my parents hate the way I look. I feel extremely sad right now. I don't have anyone to talk to.
  5. J

    Mandatory ReConsideration for WRAG to Support Group

    any ideas what I need to put in a ReConsideration after being placed in WRAG group after ESA Assessment? I was previously in the Support Group then received a letter saying I had been placed in WRAG after a "recent change", the only recent change is that my condition has got worse! What can I do...
  6. O

    Support for partners

    Does anyone know of any support groups specifically for partners of people with mental health problems? Ideally Lincolnshire way. Thank you
  7. A

    Social Anxiety, loneliness, what do I do now?

    Hi everyone, I’ve not posted somewhere like this before but I want to see if anyone can offer me advice or something like that. I’m not sure really where to begin and this might be quite lengthy, so thank you in advance to anyone who does read this. I have a bit of a history of anxiety, both...
  8. D

    Is is appropriate to make friends with people from my anxiety group?

    This September I began going to individual therapy for Social Anxiety/Generalized Anxiety and my therapist asked if I wanted to sign up for group therapy as well and I accepted. Ive been going to group therapy for anxiety for the past two weeks and I was wondering if it is appropriate to make...
  9. P

    HELP!! dont know if im in WRAG or support group.

    Hi i got a letter from DWP today after sending away my reconsideration letter asking to be put off the WRAG and back into the support group. the letter says that i have been placed in the work related activity group :( but my money is also going up to what i used to get in the support group and...
  10. P

    how long does it take to hear back about my reconsideration on ESA

    hi everyone starting to get really worried i had my medical assessment beginning of august got a letter in the post within 2 weeks saying i had been placed in the WRAG group which is not doing my mental health any favours or financially as iv dropped £30 a week. anyway i asked them for a letter...
  11. H

    North West UK chat

    Hi I’m new here - from Wirral. I’d love to be part of a local chat group where we can help and support each other. Anyone interested?
  12. H


    Hi all, Hope you're well. Just wanted to take the chance to say hi as I'm new to the group :-) Hope to get to know you all and chat soon Hazel
  13. P

    Craft group should I leave?

    Hi, seems wrong to be posting this on here when people are dealing with serious problems but I need an opinion on a minor worry I have, I've got no friend in 'real life' to ask. My cpn wanted me to join a ' craft group' so I did. I liked some of the women there,( though I don't like doing...
  14. P

    Scored 15 points and put in wrag

    Hi people i went for a ESA medical 30/7/2018 and got letter through saying i have been put from the support group to WRAG group. i am very anxious about this whole thing (working life is what ruined me) i have already asked for a breakdown of how they came to this conclusion and there is one or...
  15. A

    ESA Support Group - any interviews necessary

    I just got letter through saying i'm back in the support group after filling in a capability for work questionnaire. What I'm not sure of as it doesn't make clear in the letter, whether or not I need to attend any form of interview. Please can anyone advise? xxxx
  16. I

    Wrag to support group ESA

    Hi I am new here and would be grateful for any information and advice you can give, I have just been put on the WRAG ESA however I asked for a mandatory reconsideration and to be put in the support group, my cpn has gave me a good letter witch I have given them but she has stated and underlined...
  17. J

    Please help

    I currently claim ESA - I'm not sure if it's contribution based or income based - I get a fortnightly payment of £146.20. I started my claim on September 20th 2017 - now I'm reading that my benefit will be stopped in a couple of months time because you're only allowed to claim for 1 year? Is...
  18. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Voices being nasty

    Jesus they are pestering the hell out of me. Saying things about me. That I'm a failure and a joke. What have i achieved they ask. What have you gained all this time you've been in treatment. I hate being drugged up to my eyeballs on all these pills. They don't stop the voices. They don't even...
  19. S

    Starting DBT and terrified

    So next Tuesday I start DBT. I'm really pleased I've been accepted onto it as I think its the only thing that may make a difference. BUT.... I'm freaking out. 1. Its a group thing each week for 2.5 hours. I don't do group things at the best of times but to be doing something that will make me...
  20. I_Want_Inner_Peace

    inland empire, CA support group?

    Anyone interested in forming a support group?