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  1. H

    Not coping

    Hello. I joined the forum recently, but haven't posted until now. I've read lots of the posts here and I realise that I am lucky. My problems compared to most are trivial, but they've overwelmed me. I am too much of a chicken to actually commit suicide, but I think about ways and means of...
  2. M

    Losing a grip

    I feel like I'm losing my grip in sanity. I'm having such a hard time accepting an anxiety diagnosis. Each day, I feel like I'm slipping into weirder and weirder delusion thoughts that last munutes. I'm still aware they are false nit it scares me. Like seriously delusional thoughts. Can...
  3. kizim

    Just breath...

    Really need to get a grip... Difficult ATM...
  4. Mister.B

    One or the other.

    To me, lightheadedness from hunger and losing my grip on myself feel the same. I never can tell whether I'm hungry or just breaking down.
  5. M


    i am suffering big time with BED disorder and currently binging :'( i am outta controll how do i get a grip HELP :cry::unsure::unsure::unsure:
  6. D

    What to do

    been a while ,but am really thinking of stopping takeing my meds. Whats the point there is nothing in my life that gives me cause to even try and get a grip on this illness. Kids have been gone from me exwife wont leave me have any contact with my oldest two and my expartner same with my baby...
  7. Pixie37

    Help please i think i'm really ill again

    I think i am really ill again. I am out of control. Lost my temper with everyone around me this week. I just can't cope anymore. I think i maybe pushing everyone away. Getting violent thoughts and impulses. I hate myself sooo much. I hate this illness. I can't friggin think straight. I had to...
  8. L

    losing grip

    its been ages since i posted on here, but i haven't had internet where i live, so i only use when im at friends or family. im losing grip on everything. my thryiod problems are getting worse, so is my depression, and so is my self harm. you know when you don't even remember how you got this...