1. Captain Maybe

    self harm and eating issues

    I don't even know what to say, I am struggling with a type of self harm. I have lots of emotions buried and they tend to start coming up when I eat, so I put the spoon Aside to cry or grieve I am under weight, Doing these things feels right mostly, Any thoughts please?
  2. A

    How do I grieve?

    In 2009 I saw a therapist who told me that I need to grieve for the losses in my life, not just the people I have lost but the life I have never had due to it being stolen from me. I do not see her anymore, and at the time I was too shy to ask her what she meant. Three years later I am still...
  3. S


    i wonder if my illness is a direct consequence of abusing lsd when i was a teenager. i also abused amphetamines and ecstacy which caused me enough grieve but its the lsd im wondering about im convinced i still have flash backs 15 years later:scared: