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  1. M

    art group

    every Friday 10.30 while 12.30 a art group is held in ponterfract west Yorkshire at st marys community centre chequerfield wf8 2ay. we do sensory art and other art activites. it would be great for others with mental health problems to get together we are all very friendly.
  2. T

    Pain relief

    Hi , I just thought I’d post this as it may help someone, it my be in the wrong place so a moderator might move it, Anyway I was looking at Wikipedia about psychological pain Psychological pain - Wikipedia I remember learning that psychological pain triggers the same parts of the brain as...
  3. letmein

    saturday night safe chat

    anyone up for talking for a bit? I'm not great. about anything, you pick a topic?

    I signed up to a free dating site ..

    Meh. Some girls look and sound great, but instead of feeling relaxed and attracted - I feel stressed out and anxious. It just makes me feel inferior. They have photos from social situations where they are happy and smiley. I have not had such photos for over 10 years now. I live with my dad...
  5. fazza

    Mood not sustainable

    Can't focus on anything. Even just trying to sit in the car listening to radio 4 is hard. This is not sustainable and I don't know how to fix it. Medication perhaps but it kills my creativity. Been off it now for months and things were great but now I have lost clarity. I just see red...
  6. N

    new person

    I found this online sight today because I don't like talking to people about my issues who can't relate. I don't think I will get any better but it will sure be great if I'm able to find others who have similar problems. That will make me happy. So hello everyone!
  7. H

    Hello Everyone, Great to see you all here.

    I am new here and looking forward to connecting with community people. I am an experienced fellow and hope to help you all with my education. Also, it will be great to hear from you all and learn new things.
  8. Fantasia

    Maladaptive daydreaming

    Does anyone know anything about this/ have any experience this? It’s something I’ve always done but it’s really causing me great sadness at the moment
  9. S

    Helping my depressed partner

    I'll try to keep this relatively short.. My partner and I are 22, we have been together for 4 years. In the early stages of our relationship it is now easy to look back and see that she was dealing with anxiety but did not realise herself that she had depressive symptoms. Her symptoms became a...
  10. A

    Spiralling downwards......

    How can a guy who everybody else think is so confident, feel like I do. More thoughts in my head, plans made of where I will do it, I just want to wrap myself up in a blanket & sleep for ever. Nothing makes sense, 3 kids, great wife, good home, well paid job ( which I hate) Don’t seem to be able...
  11. B

    Is anyone able to talk to me?

    I have nobody to talk to. I am not feeling great. Please.
  12. B

    Feeling very lost

    There is a lot of background to this but I don’t want to bore anyone, just want a little bit of advice. So I had a family, we were happy and things seemed to be going great. Now I’m very much alone, living with my mother again at 31 years old. My wife left me awhile back (important to mention I...
  13. Mr.NiceGuy

    Luke 6:23

    22Blessed are you when people hate you, and when they exclude you and insult you and reject your name as evil because of the Son of Man. 23Rejoice in that day and leap for joy, because great is your reward in heaven. For their fathers treated the prophets in the same way.
  14. A


    I am a newbie to this forum. It's a great pleasure to be a part of this forum. Thank you for having me here.
  15. W


    Hi everyone, I’m in the UK and have joined up for a little off load and some support. I’ve suffered with depression for a long time, but generally I’ve been pretty good about either letting breakdowns occur when I’m by myself or just pushing through. Recently it’s not been great and has...
  16. M

    Getting my life back on track

    So after a really bad down time in my life - I'm finally working towards getting back on track. I have been recently through the worst down time I have ever had, Isolation, drugs etc. I'm currently actively searching for a job, whilst slowly attempting to establish a new routine. It's difficult...
  17. M

    Exercise every single day

    It's really helping my symptoms. I started about 2 weeks ago I'm devoting myself to exercise everyday. It's really working. Drink your 8 cups of water. And take care of any other health issues. I even tried to eat healthy meals. I'm also taking better care of my skin, showering daily and...
  18. T

    Hello there :)

    Hi there! I'm the grey cat lady and I have been hearing voices since I was very young, I also have aspergers, I'm here to look for some help with my voices, hope y'all are having a great day!
  19. A

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Everyone, I've been reading this forum for some time and recently decided to join it. I'm looking forward to finding some good support on here! I've been dealing with schizophrenia for some time so I'll write some posts about this at some point. Looking forward to being part of a great...
  20. lisa_wa

    It's not just one thing...

    I am struggling very badly. It's just just things piled up, not simply one thing. I have bought of crying, sobbing. I don't want to bother people, I don't want to let people here know how fragile I am. Luckily, I have a great therapist. She is fantastic. I'm on great meds so hopefully, both...