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  1. InfiniteRectangles

    My Therapist Made My Day

    I've been feeling pretty disappointed in myself. I feel like I'm not making progress fast enough. I've been afraid of disappointing my therapist because of this. However, today my therapist talked to me about how far I've come and how well I'm managing certain situations and it really just made...
  2. T

    What are you grateful for?

    If you say 3 things you are grateful for before you go to bed it has shown to make your happier. I am grateful I can walk ( my mum just had a hip operation) I am grateful for my family I am grateful for my boyfriend. What are you grateful for?
  3. sallyp

    I'm new

    Hi everyone, I'm Sally and I'm grateful to be here. I had a tough time at university and taking ti day by day. Want to help anyone I can
  4. C

    I am grateful for my physical fitness

    I noticed that when I walk, I automatically walk quickly, and I walk quickly even when there is a steep incline. I exercise every day, and do strength training every other day. I am grateful that I am able to exercise and be in good physical shape. I am on olanzapine 10 mg. My overall level of...
  5. E

    Goodbye Everyone and Best Wishes

    Hi everyone, I'm leaving the forum and just wanted to let you all know how grateful I am for meeting, talking, debating, even arguing lol with you. Please look after yourselves and each other. I wish you all the best of life journeys. To all the staff, please know how grateful I am for the...
  6. Z

    Schizoaffective friends?

    Does anybody else out there have this? I do, and it's hard a lot because sometimes I feel good, like I can do a lot with myself. And then I feel like I can't because I remember that I have to take it easy. Overloading on activities is a stressor, which always leads to breakthrough symptoms...
  7. T

    I think i have BPD. I don't know where to beginti get help. Please can someone Help me?

    I think i have BPD. I don't know where to beginti get help. Please can someone Help me? I have basically turned into a recluse. Ive turned to drink which I know is becoming a real problem and cant even bring myself to go to seek advice from my doctor. I havve a long history of depression...
  8. S

    Being Judged By The Way You Look

    Sorry but I had to get this off my chest I really get sick of people who judge others on the way they look, they should have a long hard look in the mirror and they will see that they are NOT perfect. In fact they are flawed, they may not be as ugly as me on the outside but they sure as hell...
  9. L

    Wishing I didn't exist.

    Just found this site. I just can't find anything to look forward to. Every day is a battle, and I feel more and more down. I feel so very alone. I wish I was not alive, but would not do anything about it, as my children need me. So I have to go on with this life. I should be grateful for the...
  10. J

    Is Anyone Else In Bed All Day with Severe Depression?

    Hi - I have been like this for months and my GP is trying to get me into Hospital but it doesn't seem to be Happening. He is arranging a Consultant Psych to see me at home and GP with him. Is that when i'll end up an Inpatient? So grateful for replies as I'm anxious. I hardly eat or drink...
  11. J

    1 step forward, 2 steps back

    Hello all, I'm pretty hesitant to start this, as I am terrified of someone recognizing me. I hardly know where to start, or how to put my feelings into words. I'm probably going to rant a lot. I have all types of anxiety... social, general, panic disorder. Panic attacks usually once a day...
  12. L

    Please help

    Hi please can someone help me before I eat myself to death! I'm a long suffering agoraphobic so I don't go out. I sit in my house panicking and eating myself to death be it boredom, depression self loathing I don't know but I hate myself ! Please do not tell me I need meds because over the years...
  13. mami5

    Schema therapy??

    Is/has anyone ever had schema therapy? Psychologist wants to start me on it, but I have no idea what it means or what's involved. If anyone has any knowledge/experience they'd like to share, I'd be very grateful. Thank you xxxx
  14. N

    When you're up you're up and when you're down you're down...

    Hi all, I have symptoms that fit the spectrum of cyclothymia (I think), and I will be seeking professional advice on this. I sometimes wonder if I'm being dramatic about the high vs the low. To me they are significant and notable, however I am asking what others have experienced? Particularly...
  15. Z

    Is is possible that anxiety can create symptoms ??

    I have anxiety from smoking weed, Is it possible to associate sounds like a loud dish washer or television and think you are hearing voices, They aren't clear voices and you never hear them when there quiet and also you are constantly worrying about it but if you distract yourself from the...
  16. S

    Depression who the f**k wants it?

    I'm battling depression. And I think I have been battling it all my life. I don't want to bore you with my life story. I always thought if I could just do this or achieve this I would then be happy. It's such a clique but success doesn't make you happy its internal....Preaching to the...
  17. blacksmoke

    depression the quiet disease

    I am scared of the failure of my pitiful thing called my life. Today I am in a black space and can only see bleakness ahead and bleakness behind. Guess that’s anxiety for you. I do not want to be around people. I am so scared right now I just don’t know how much longer I can do this shit...
  18. S

    Any other trusted forums?

    Hi, does anyone know of any other trusted forums, I'm looking for one which is highly moderated and less likelihood of trolling etc. I'm looking for help in a place where you can talk openly without being judged and mocked. Somewhere that's not too cliquey but safe. If anyone has any suggestions...
  19. K

    Llike a weed in my head

    Evening all. I'm new to this forum so I'm not quite sure how it works, but here goes! I've been suffering mainly with depression for nearly 17 years. The anxiety part is a more recent thing. It can start with a small thing, that normally wouldn't bother me. My brain then decides it's a good...
  20. S

    what's love?

    I'm sitting here whilst my partner is in the next room with DD. I know it's the end of us, I know that to him i'll be nothing more than 'that crazy girl'. But what about all of the things he has done to me? It means nothing because I have mental health and he doesn't or at least he doesn't...