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  1. K

    My uncle died

    My dad's oldest brother died yesterday. It's sad because he had Alzheimer's really bad but in a way it good he isn't suffering anymore. The past seven years have been particularly bad. I saw him last Father's Day and it was sort of painful to see him. He just sat in his motorized wheelchair...
  2. D

    abandonment and obsessive thinking

    Hi I'm not active on these forums and don't know a lot about them but I am seeking help. When I was a child I was abandoned by my mum and dad for drugs and was taken in by my gran and grandpa. Going into my teen years and with my grandpa dying at 11, I started to feel a sense of hate for myself...
  3. N

    How do I cope with loss

    My grandpa passed away just 2 days ago, and it's very hard to go on through the day. I was never really close with my grandpa and I felt distant from him throughout my whole life. I felt like I resented him for so long because he was difficult to talk to and connect with. I feel full of regret...
  4. M

    school system abuse ** May Trigger**

    didnt see a bully section till now it started beats me i always stood out then the school system had behavior modification classes to manage us fucked up kids they liked to lock me in a closet so tiny and turn the light off till we behaved didnt work on me i didnt like the dark so all day...
  5. S

    I'm a girl

    As long as I can remember I've been a girl. But I have always had to tell the world otherwise. I grew up in the middle of a hardcore Southern Baptist family and I was nearly beaten for dressing up and declaring I was a girl. But it is who I am, sad and pathetic as I am. My grandparents on my...
  6. Lincoln1990

    Joan Rivers

    She passed away today. I don't know if she's a big deal in the UK but she's so close to my grandpa's age. My grandpa is older by a year. I hope my grandpa doesn't die. I really do. I will be so lost without my grandpa...
  7. Lincoln1990

    Are you on meds? Why am I on meds, if they don't help?

    I'm just wondering if it's possible to stop my meds. They do absolutely nothing for me. I can hardly function on meds so what's the difference between that and not being on them? I want to get off of them. She seems to think I need to be on them. I'm on so many meds. People think I'm crazy...
  8. Lincoln1990

    So unproductive

    I feel absolutely worthless today. Ive done nothing productive. I watched a bunch of Netflix because I had nothing else to do. My family went to visit my grandpa. I've been distancing myself from family. Especially my grandpa because he's 81 and I'm afraid he's going to die. I can't have another...