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  1. J

    Need help.

    Hi my name is johnny not my real name by the way, so i don't know where to begin or how to word it. I guess i could go through a lot of problems and we'll be here for a day, i'll keep it short as possible. I'm not one to ask for help so i'm finding this pretty hard. It's been 6 years and i...
  2. S

    Family Issues

    Hi, I have been through a fair bit lately. I was diagnosed hypothyroid in May last year and was told 3 months after that I was iron deficient and then another 3 months later I was Vitamin D deficient. As a result of my family and my boyfriend not really understanding anything about my illness...
  3. L

    My daughter has severe OCD AND is feeling suicidal. What should i do ?

    I'm extremely worried about my daughter, she has severe OCD .She is 13. Her OCD effects her loads. She cant eat properly or go out doors for long. She just stays in her bedroom all of the time, On Thursday she gave me a letter . In the letter it says that she self harms and has attempted...
  4. M

    coping with death

    Ok then. So I don't cope. I go on as normal. I refuse all emotional responses from myself. I'm afraid to be weak. Crying was never allowed. I was trained to maintain an "everything is grand" facade and I can't turn it off. Ever. My grandfather is in the hospital with multiple infections in...
  5. A

    Transforming Benevolently

    Published on 17 Aug 2012 In this video Grandfather will share ways with you to be influential in a benevolent way by encouraging those in trouble, upset and disrupted in their lives to have lives that are more benevolent, calm and benevolent for all...
  6. S

    I feel guilty about my grandfather's death. Advice, please?

    Hello, I'm going to try to explain as best I can, and keep it fairly short. I'm a sixteen year old girl. When I was twelve, I lived with my uncle. My grandfather also lived at the same house with us. I hardly knew him. He was in his early eighties, and a sweet old man at first. On his...