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    Dealing with difficult people

    I am having coffee with a friend today, she is not always to most thoughtful. We had a fight because I have a meltdown and forgot to do something for her, she then had to do it herself. We are both graduating in a few weeks and she wants us to talk before we both leave town. I am not sure how...
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    Friends vs Acquaintances - Lonely?

    Does anyone else ever like this...? I have felt for the last few years at university that everyone I have 'gotten to know' are just acquaintances and that I feel like I couldn't actually call them friends, nor anyone there would call me their friend. Ever since leaving high school I have lost...
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    I've never really used a forum like this before, so I don't really knew what to expect but I'm hoping to meet people who understand what I'm going through. I've had depression for about 6/7 years now alongside social anxiety disorder (though that's been in remission for several years, which is...