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  1. B

    Returning to the battle with more weapons

    After the last 3 weeks of depression related binge eating, over masturbation, inability to sleep and thoughts of self harm, I've gone back to the doctors. They want me to take prosac. Honestly, Im scared of taking them. I'm terrified of feeling more suicidal or worse. It's a low dose, but...
  2. E

    Changing an Abusive Relationship

    In my opinion, fear or shame are the keys to controlling us. When we change this control mechanism, voices can change. So here are some points that may help: 1. Identify the trigger. When a voice makes a remark, note your body language and that of other people. Note what kind of environment you...
  3. M

    Bipolar 2 Change of mood

    Does anyone else go from really depressed for a few weeks then all of a sudden change to manic or is it more gradual with you thanks