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  1. S

    Do good people have bad thoughts about others?

    I'm very liberal, I try and treat people as I'd expect to be treated myself but I still occasionally get bad or prejudicial thoughts about people based on appearance etc. They occasionally just flash up in my mind and I have to tell myself that's a horrible thing to think. I wonder sometimes if...
  2. P

    Diagnose me - Need help!

    Hey all, My situation is actually really confusing, at-least in my own head and eyes it is. My idea posting in this forum is just to go into some detail about my mental health over the last few years, get help understanding it and maybe try and improve overall. So, i'm currently 20 years old...
  3. C

    How to manage life with my girlfriend

    Hi all, I'm looking for advice as to how to manage my life with my girlfriend of 18 months. We moved in together after 16 months of seeing each other and I am struggling a lot. Though I had an abusive and violent childhood, and have suffered bouts of depression in the past, at 32 I've largely...
  4. B

    Self improvement plan - critique me?

    Hi guys I think everyone on this site is here because we're in the process of recovery from something. For me, social anxiety was a small thing and then I head a health issue that made things a ton worse. But I’m making some good progress now. Right now, I'm about 3/4 into rehabilitation - I...
  5. R


    I have never felt so alone in my life as I do right now.My depression is suffocating me and wherever I reach for help I meet a dead end.I am so tired of feeling like this and I feel I will never get better. In my mind I know I should get up go for a walk or some other activity but then I tell...
  6. S

    Hi everyone :)

    Not sure what to begin with, but my experiences with depression have hindered my life for so long. im only 18 but have had it for around 4 years. i dont really have any friends to talk to about it and my family aren't the types that would take it seriously. people have said im selfish as i have...
  7. D

    Good news about Jack!

    Jack our blue rhoan cocker spaniel has made a remarkable recovery, our vet said. His tumours have shrunk to less than half their original size, though the chemo has had to be stopped for a fortnight because it caused immense fatigue. While I was in Switzerland this week, my housekeeper took Jack...
  8. K

    BPD and making friends

    Hey I'm Kyler. I have BPD was diagnosed when I was 18. I take 5 tabelts a day to function, I depend on these tablets, if I miss them I am so I'll and cannot wake up for ages, cold sweats in bed it's horrible. My mental health has been really bad for about a year now. when I got signed off from...
  9. A

    Hi newbie to this

    Hello everyone nice to join,and to see hopefully im not alone suffering from health anxiety, hope everyone is ok im not very good at this oh dear im trying lol.
  10. T

    Critical Christmas

    Mum is here. Not much more i can tell you. I bend over backwards, she opens her mouth and out comes words that make me want to kill myself. Every year, every day, me in tears, her angry with me for something i seem to have done although i go to so much effort and am so careful it is never good...
  11. E


    I'm so nervous to even be doing something like this. I feel like I shouldn't have to because I have a good support system.. good bf, friends. But lately I feel like it's just not going to get me anywhere. I have been on anti depressants for about 2 months and don't feel like it has brought any...
  12. A


    How do I know if I have DID? 0. I have a really good T. I really like and trust her. She says to be patient with myself.
  13. J

    Just saying Hi !

    Hi everyone. Firstly I'm pleased to say I'm relatively stable at the moment , so a good time to join and say hi . I'm 52 and have had issues with mental health to varying degrees all my life. My conditions fluctuate greatly and my only support these days is a rather wonderful GP. ...
  14. fazza

    Pip no medical paper based application

    Well here's the thing. My claim for pip has gone through. I received a letter telling me that I did not need a face to face and the decision maker has all of the information. I have looked through pages and pages of info on the net and can't really tell if this is good news or not. I am now...
  15. J

    Hi all!

    Hi all Long time anxiety and OCD suffer here. I am hoping to get some good advice from this forum. :)
  16. M

    What are you panicking about?

    People are always surprised when I say that I'm not a confident person, but it's absolutely true. I'm very good, most of the time, at hiding it, at acting, as I had to do every single day as a teacher. I NEVER, in 37 years of teaching, applied for a promotion because I knew that I wouldn't have...
  17. qwerty1234


    I think a lot of my angst comes from stuff about status and values and what I consider meaningful and good and enjoyable and in good taste. I was trained by my mother to be modest and also a good student, I think it manifests itself in low self esteem and getting bullied and being a little shy.
  18. S


    Hi all👋, I’m Ste. I’ve joined to try and get some help and support on my newly diagnosed GAD. Hopefully I can get some good advice from you guys and where possible help anybody that needs it.
  19. M

    Anti-depressants (sertraline) and pregnancy.

    Hi everyone. I suffer with anxiety and have currently been on sertraline anti-depressants for about 6 months, I haven’t felt this good for a while and they are really helping with my anxiety. My question is, me and my husband are wanting to start a family at the beginning of next year and I was...
  20. D

    My Life

    My Life Living up to my mother's expectations was impossible. She wanted me to become her blueprint, to carry on the musician side of her family, and nothing else was expected. Gradually I took back control of my life by seeing my mother as a controlling, self-centered manipulative...