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  1. Jbb79

    Is God important to you ??

    Hi, I Some-times wonder, about God . . . Do others do that ? ?
  2. S

    Hearing voices from the heavens?

    This is about my aunt, but she texted my parents one day asking if she could stay at their house for some time. They agreed, and they started noticing that she was praying/ reciting words really fast. She said she left her house because God said it was "unclean" (I'm guessing from evil spirits...
  3. letmein

    please god

    take the pain away.
  4. S

    Jesus Mania (Is it a God Complex?)

    Trying to figure if the times I've channelled Jesus to the point of certainty, turning tables and that sort of thing. Is it my ego was too big or too small? Was I having a God complex moment like world leaders do all the time, or nearer the humble reckoner wrecking out of justified anger at...
  5. R

    My wife.

    I love her. I read through the list of symptoms from the usual sources. 7 out of 10 Says she hears God and angels talking to her Wants me to "transend" to a higher order. Preaches to me about what I need to do to he closer to God. Has delusions of grandeur. Refuses to work in the face of...
  6. soulsearcher

    i dont know why im still alive

    i want to die and i want to die really badly, i dont understand why god is testing me like this, im a sh*tty person who deserves nothing but death :low:
  7. V

    My girlfiriend's violent meltdowns

    I have a really hard time with this... I love my girlfriend dearly. She's this cutie who I can't get enough of when she's really doing well mentally. But sometimes she gets really bad. The other night, I got upset at her, and the best of us get upset, but I feel really guilty about it because...
  8. S

    You only know what you know

    I learned you can try to express your thoughts and your feelings and you are going to stress yourself out. You need to spend time in reality and know that they are really in front of him. You can reason with yourself that you know someone's mind. It will not work. Working on mental illness is to...
  9. Jbb79

    I Got punched in The Face xx

    When I was 19, in Aalborg, I got punched in, the Face .. I Heard a Voice, it Had Too much authority -- It sounded, Like God xx He said, 'I am EVIL !', Not about Him-self -- But, He was talking, To me -- saying, that I -- Not him -- Was evil .. I Fell down and, when I Fell, I Heard sound, of...
  10. S

    How to deal with hearing voices

    A story I have repeatedly mentioned. I swear by God that it is true. God will ask me about this oath on the Day of Resurrection. I was traveling, and the glass of my car was completely closed. On the right was a wide desert as well as on the left. Yet I still hear voices. These sounds ask me to...
  11. I

    So Bitterly Alone!

    I have my wonderful amazing sister and I love her. We are roommates and all that good stuff and she supports me. I have my Dad. I have friends i.r.l. too. I have you all on these wonderful forums. But I am still so bitterly alone! I don't have a GOD anymore since my horrible experience with the...
  12. brooklyn24


    I don’t really know about this app or whatever but I just have to vent. I went in therapy and I was really gunna try. I tried opening up with something light (done updates on nursing school) and it ended up being the entireee session! She said how proud she is, how far I’ve come yadda yadda and...
  13. Kerome

    Dawkins’ the God Delusion docu

    For those who are interested this documentary was made from the Channel 4 TV show “The Root of All Evil”, which was made some years ago after the publication of Dawkins’ book “The God Delusion”.
  14. B

    Help i think I need to go into hospital

    Hey I overdosed about five weeks ago, I was so confused and scared. I'd been hearing voices and hallucinating, I perceived these voices as real people and as they had abused me rigourously, I lost my mind. To me, they are spirit guides,punishing me in the most brutal,sadistic fashion, I honestly...
  15. J

    What do you do?

    What do you do when fear is creating your anxiety? Fear of the future, fear of living, fear of not being able to make it through life, fear of loss, or death of a loved one, fear of being incapacitated because of the fear, fear of taking your own life, terrified of losing my jobs because of...
  16. fazza

    Back in the real world out of hospital

    i am out of hospital and i am now no longer ill. I am back on my old haloperidol depot feeling much better. I had never been sectioned before and it was quite a shock but thank god it did not last long. Clozapine failed because my white count went to low.
  17. A

    How do you fit spirituality into your life?

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a way to integrate spirituality into my life, but I'm not sure how. I am as they say a total "noob", not having grown up with religion nor knowing too much about it really. Is there anyone else here who started at 0, but has found a way to practice spirituality...
  18. C

    How I manage my anxiety and it worked 😊

    Well I always had dealt with anxiety since I can remember but it was all under control until last week. Since then I had nothing but bad anxiety and panic attacks with sleepless nights and waking up during the night anxious and scared. I been changing the way I eat which had help a bit I eat...
  19. Lord Ainz

    As far as God goes, I am lost and confused...

    Hello... Maybe you read my other thread about feeling like a failure.. I want to discuss something that is also a big part of my chaos mentally. That is my overwhelming confusion about God... Now, I read the forum rules and I do not intend to bash religion or convert anyone one way or another...
  20. D

    Need help with mother's mental illness, please

    Hi, I have no idea if I'm posting this in the right section, but I think it may be related to depression. I need help finding what may have happened to my mother if anyone has the courage to read all this. I've always wondered but I guess I couldn't really understand what was happening back in...