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  1. Anime-Alchemy

    Connections - long term goal - working - lying.

    Had another appointment with connections and the lady (my support worker?) filled out a form to mind housing or mind, i guess mind housing. There was a section about goals? And firstly it was put down about working towards getting back to work eventually or a sort of long term goal? i don't know...
  2. degeh

    The one thing i can recommend everyone

    To try at least once is fitness, weightlifting, running or something, anything with weights. I advice this sport because it is an individual sport and you don't need anyone else to do it. So you can do it anytime. And even if it is not your thing, trying it once is not the end of the world...
  3. F

    Hello peeps!

    I came here with a goal. I want people to feel sorry for me :cry2:. I have looked deep inside my soul, and I see that I really need it :nod2: I am listening to a baby lulaby right now:sleepy2: and it feels so magical. Every word I write here, brings me closer to that magical...
  4. P

    Have you had any other mental illnesses in the past or now?

    I used to have really bad panic attacks, but i learned how to cope with them without therapy. I also had an eating disorder, EDNOS. I still kind of struggle with my ED. Everytime i reach a goal weight, i want to lose more and more. I have been very underweight before. Its hard to not force...
  5. cpuusage

    Healing Our Collective Trauma

    Healing Our Collective Trauma Behind the crisis of our time hides the core crisis of human relationships "Behind the atrocious massacres, which have been happening around the world, hides a collective soul pattern, which seems to be consistent on all continents. It is a pattern of fear. In the...
  6. P

    My new goals.

    picture of a goal - Google Search picture of a goal - Google Search
  7. LoneKnight

    Depression Sucks -__-

    i have been so depress lately well not lately almost all my life every since i was 15-16 years old. it's very sad that i barely leave the house well at the same time i started to like it stay home and be on the computer and watch t.v. but i'm pretty sure is not healthy i wanna go out and have...
  8. A

    I have a goal

    So I bought Concert and VIP tickets to my favorite band of all time, Black Veil Brides. Not only will this be my first time seeing them perform live, but it will be my first time meeting them. I can't even explain how excited I am. My goal, is to stay clean for them. July 7th will be my one year...
  9. C

    How can I get standard knowledge?

    Ok, so setting and meeting a goal offends others... OK, spiritualist thinking aside, if somebody sets and meets a goal to lose weight, is this offensive? or to buy a house? Or to go on holiday? i don't where you live, but then I don't think many people would say striving for something per se...
  10. Stars and Dark

    Keeping motivated

    I have a hard time staying motivated or feeling like anything I'm doing is making a difference. I can feel that I'm getting better and then a short conversation with someone will pull a trigger I thought I had conquered and I will feel like I have made no progress at all. I can see I'm still...
  11. P

    not sure if this is normal?

    well i am not sure if this is something to worry about or just normal. for a while i have noticed that during some days of the week i would have an hour to 2 hours... during the day where i would feel like i could do anything! if i got offered my dream job then i would sign straight away! where...
  12. megirl

    me and alcohol again

    Got some blood work done last month and one of my liver enzymes is elevated GGT which is normally related to gallstones or alcohol specifically. And my protein level is also low. I have stopped the alcohol, and trying to eat healthy stuff. Its no wonder really that my levels are a bit fucked up...
  13. F

    period problems

    I know I asked about this before, but I went to see a nutritionist and I got weighed there. I am 113 pounds and I am 5 6". She said that her goal for me is to weigh 120-122 pounds. 7 pounds seems like a lot. My goal was between 117 and 119. My major concern is getting my period back. At...
  14. P

    Insight - what does it mean to you?

    Do you have 'insight' and do others believe / agree with your assessment? I'm curious, because I have been generally described as having no / limited insight - when I was 'unwell' (dependent on various substances / depressed / suicidal attempts and experiments / paranoid etc) I would argue...
  15. G

    I'm afraid I won't stay clean for much longer ..

    It is so hard not to self harm ! Last time I self harmed was the day before Easter , it was the day I told my mom what was going on . As I told my mom , I felt so relieved and also established a goal . Not self harm for two months . The longest I've ever been clean was one month and that time I...
  16. amathus

    Life Mottos: What would yours be?

    Here are some about motivation: Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. - Jim Ryun Why did I want to win? because I didn't want to lose! - Max Schmelling The most important thing about motivation is goal setting. You should always have a goal. - Francie Larrieu...
  17. Pixie37

    GOAL 1 = Quit Drinking

    Hi all, Well my first goal towards improving my mental health is to quit drinking. Last night i had my last drink which ended up in only a couple of glasses. I can't drink and take all these meds anymore. I am on AD's and AP's so i need alcohol out of my system. I'm truly sick of the stuff it...
  18. D

    Hope: When It Seems like All is Lost by Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D

    There may be plenty of times in life where the sense arises in our minds and bodies that all seems lost. Maybe it’s after we lose someone we loved, or after being let go from a job, or perhaps when depression has us pinned to the ground. If there’s one thing we know as a fact, hope is never...