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  1. T

    HELP in Long distance relationships

    Hi all, This is my first thread in this forum so I’m sorry if I sounded messy and all over the place. I just wrote this all down and would like to have some advice on how to communicate with my depressed girlfriend when I’m also feeling affected. So I met my girlfriend three years ago when...
  2. R

    How´s your" dating" in personal life?

    Ive never had a girlfriend and im in my late 20´s. Sometimes it does bother me hearing my family members kind of in a joking way asking me why i never found a girlfriend. they are aware of my condition, i dont like to play the victim or anything but sometimes i admit i would like a partner that...
  3. O

    Struggling and damaging/losing those around me, need guidance

    I have suffered from depression for the previous 2 years, I became isolated and was only able to discuss my depression with one person, my long term girlfriend, I was steadily suffering but not to a point where I couldn’t manage it with her help, as she has previously had depression and helped...
  4. T

    Girlfriend depressed at idea of Long Distance Relationship. Please Help!

    Girlfriend depressed at idea of Long Distance Relationship. Please Help! My girlfriend and I are in a serious relationship. I graduated college last May and have been looking for work since. She is still in veterinarian school for another 3 years. We have known for a while that there was a...
  5. C

    Maybe OCD, afraid i have an ASPD

    Hi all, this is my first time on this site, i hope i can get a little help with some issues. I have not been to a doctor yet or had any formal diagnostics, but ive been experiencing symptoms of what i believe is anxiety and some form of OCD. Ive noticed that every so often i would get into a...
  6. A


    Hey everyone, Suffice to say, I came online this evening looking for somewhere to vent my frustration and sorrow, amongst people who would understand... At (almost) 27, I'm not new to depression. Three and a half years ago, it sank its claws into me hard - I'd just graduated from university...
  7. L

    Coping with my girlfriend's depression

    She is diagnosed and going to therapy. Initially, I can cope with her depression just fine, but lately she's having episodes everyday and being away from her is making it hard for me to comfort her. Even when we are together, I get speechless when she breaks down in front of me. The best I could...
  8. S

    I want a boyfriend.

    Or a girlfriend. I daydream about this all the time. The problem is my hirsutism and pretty much everything else about me. :(
  9. crescent_moon82

    relationship advice

    Hello everyone, My ex girlfriend is a victim of domestic violence from her ex boyfriend that is currently stalking her. She got an order from the courts for him not to communicate or be within feet around her. My ex girlfriend is wanting to get back in a relationship with me. I'm confused on...
  10. M

    Have I ruined my relationship or is he playing with my emotions.

    I was with my ex for 4 years we split for around 6 months and then got back together, it was because of me I wasn't in a very good place and took everything out on him. We split again at the beginning of this year and I went straight to no contact for 4 months, in that time he got a new...
  11. B

    Girlfriend with depression

    Hey, this is my first time doing anything like this but I am at a loss on how to approach the situation I'm currently in. i have been with my girlfriend for nearly 4 years, she suffers quite severely with depression like all relationships we have had our ups and downs but she recently told me...
  12. F

    Need help with my girlfriend's depression

    My girlfriend that is depressed had the courage to talk to her mother about it after I convinced her, her mother understood that she was in a depression and was in need of a psychologist but when she mentioned that she didn't know why she was in that state her mother was responding with "I don't...
  13. J


    Hi I'm James, I'm 18 and I'm new to this forum as I needed a place to drain my brain😂 I was "officially" stated depressed when I tried to kill myself New Year's Day 2017 (I was showing signs of depression long before) and was given flouxitne to take once a day. They helped I think and Last...
  14. Jaminacaranda

    Where do I go?

    I am obliged to live in a very small house (2 up. 2 down terrace) with my 30-year-old son and also, for much of the time, his 28-year-old girlfriend. My son obviously has 'undiagnosed' ADHD and clearly has anxiety and depression but he refuses to approach his GP about this. His girlfriend has...
  15. I

    no one will understand

    hi, i don't even know where to start or how i've ended up here. i need to tell someone how i'm feeling. i am so scared of the thoughts i have in my head. i am a 25 year old man and i had been with my girlfriend for 7 years. we have been together since school and she was my first and only...
  16. J


    I need help for lieing to my wonderful girlfriend. How do I make a post to tell the story?
  17. W

    What am u going through and ways of coping

    Hi, I've never discussed anything like this online before nor have I felt like this before. Now I've had therapy and medication in the past but I thought I'd got through it but recently after my 30th it's as if I'm grieving for the last 10 years and I'm finding it really hard to cope With. It's...
  18. U

    Help: My girlfriend hears voices

    For a year I have been living with my girlfriend whom I really love but things are getting increasingly difficult. I noticed some strange behavior after we had been living together for less than a month. She was complaining about what she thought was a neighbor constantly commenting on everyday...
  19. 1

    My girlfriend

    I am currently in a relationship with a girl with anorexia , at the start everything was great , in fact perfect , everything seemed fine and I was told by her that she had beaten anorexia . The more time I spent with her and the more time I realised she was still suffering , a lot of thing have...
  20. L

    Anxiety related to my girlfriend and helplessness

    Hello, I'm not really sure what my purpose is in writing this. But even if the community can't help me, maybe simply expressing my feelings will. I apologize for this very unorganized text and multiple problems and feelings expressed in it. I'm 20 years old and I usually am in good mental...