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  1. A

    I've been thinking very deep, as of recently. Topics that I probably shouldn't dive too deep into.

    I've been thinking very deep, as of recently. Topics that I probably shouldn't dive too deep into. Hello everyone, great to be able to express my feelings on a widespread, yet compact level. I was up late last night, after taking a shower and about to get ready for bed. I was thinking heavily...
  2. N

    I need to overcome fear

    I have a list of mental problems that have ruined me and have been carrying [moderated] with me for months with the intention of taking them but I just can't overcome the fear of dying in pain. Just another thing in life that I am no good at. I've never self harmed or anything, just genuinely...
  3. S

    Complete Wreck

    Hi, there. I've posted on this forum before but not often. But I feel the need now to reach out to people who can understand and emphasize. I have no positive symptoms of Schizophrenia now, being on the anti-psychotic depot injection, but I suffer from almost all of the negative ones. There's...
  4. katya

    Closed eye hallucinationsI

    Is it normal to see images when you close your eyes, before you go to sleep? I see flashing lights, which become moving objects - bodies, faces, cars, something like a camera rushing over a landscape. Sometimes I can see my computer screen when I close my eyes, and things pop up and I...
  5. I

    so scared

    Hi I've got doctors this morning and I'm feeling really scared the thought off having to work notice period makes me genuinely sick ,I can't cope
  6. M

    Anhedonia without Depression after mania/ physical and emotional numbness

    Anhedonia without Depression after mania/ physical and emotional numbness I'm struggling to see why I should live with this. After an episode of 6 day mania last year, I fell into this state where all my emotions are blunted. My body is numb as well, I can't feel anything, life is completely...
  7. N

    Everything's getting worse

    Nothing in my life is going well at this point. In class I feel isolated and invisible. I don't talk to anyone. No one sits next to me. I fear group projects because no one cares if I'm in a group, not even the teachers. It's as if they're subconsciously avoiding me, like that's just a natural...
  8. blueMandM90

    Work related - I have been given a Stage 1 warning for being unwell

    Wasn't sure where to post this so posting this in other support issues. I work full time and have been genuinely unwell with sick bug twice and last week full of flu. Because this is three separate times not within a year of first sickness (June 2015) I have been given a Stage 1 warning. I...
  9. H


    No energy from head to toe. Excessively avoiding people at work. Unable to focus on a thought for more than a few seconds. Tears randomly falling down my cheek. What do I do when i feel like this???? :low: Can anything be done? ( i genuinely cant concentrate to write out anything to give more...
  10. M

    Need Advice PLEASE

    Hello! I am new to this forum. I honestly have never written anything in regards to this but I feel like I've "cried wolf" too many times and feel as if maybe those who are dealing with the same things can help me/understand me. So I am 26 years old, job, good life, married with baby on way...
  11. J

    Feel so isolated

    I don't feel as though anyone genuinely understands how I'm feeling and don't think people really give a shit, so wrapped up in their own lives, even the ppl that do care for me don't want to really know how I'm feeling, better to gloss over it. Feeling angry, sad, guilty, hopeless
  12. B

    I need some help

    I have alot to write about the last year so Ill get to it. I turned 40 a few days ago and a few days later had shoulder surgery. Im a loner with full on anxiety and depression that is as everyone here knows completely crippling. The last year has been the worst of my life. I found out in July...
  13. Seashell

    Being ignored by Mh services

    Mental health team have ignored me... Been going through a crisis for the last few weeks, my symptoms are all over the place all the time and I'm not coping and things seem to be just getting worse. My doctor contacted them and told them I was having real difficulties (I was discharged a couple...
  14. TiredTina

    A perfect description of me

    I just read this on the Anxiety Disorders Unite site and its me to a T (or even a TT) :) Please be patient with those who have anxiety. They say sorry a lot because they're genuinely afraid they've insulted you somehow. They ask if they're annoying because they genuinely think they've somehow...
  15. W

    Problems with my cousin

    Hi everyone, I just wanted some advice and maybe a bit of guidance. Recently, my first cousin's father died (so my mother's sister's husband). I'm not close to that particular family and there is a lot of tension between us all as we were growing up. Quite recently actually, my cousin got a...
  16. D

    12 yr's Depressed

    Hi, I guess I'll start by saying I've been depressed ever since I was 11yr old. Mentally ill parents and me been the oldest sibling means I have to be strong for my family, meaning I've never told anyone I'm depressed; I've got pretty good at hiding it. I was also religiously bullied at school...
  17. chazxxx

    Existential crisis maybe?

    I seem to be having some sort of existential crisis. Part of me is searching and delving into questions and answers on things. Its however a very uncomfortable experience it feels like a whole body experience, best way i know to describe it is dissociation/ depersonalisation/ derealisation...
  18. T

    Advise needed.

    Hi, am knew here but was hoping for some advice. I am a long time depression sufferer and have recently been feeling more suicidal. I take pills go to cbt and my gp. Not much seems to help except being around this one friend. I dunno why but she always makes me feel loved and cared for and safe...
  19. rubyrose

    No meaning

    Nothing I do has any meaning or impact. I'm not missed when I leave. Others are missed when they go away, and people long for their return. People can't wait until I ****ing leave. I don't know, man. It's just a wee bit depressing when you try to help people even though you feel like a tub of...
  20. M

    Up and down my moods seem like there controlled with the weather sad

    hey i would like to ask some advice i go up and down alot usually it follows a particular cycle during the winter i get really depressed and hibernate i mean i get really low to the point where i cant get out of bed i slept for 26 hours waking up now and then and just not having the will to drag...