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  1. S

    Are there any decent/genuine people out there?

    Please don’t take this the wrong way but in my life i fail to see that there’s anyone genuine. Men and women are as bad as each other. I see people with genuine friendships/relationships and i wonder why we don’t have anyone. It’s not just me. It’s my whole family. Is there something wrong with...
  2. Iamsoconfused

    Anyone else taken lamictal...?

    I've taken lamictal before, but when I tried taking it a couple of months ago, I was extremely restless and just felt like I couldn't sit still. I felt a lot better emotionally, but my body felt pretty uncomfortable. I've had horrible reactions on just antidepressants, in the past, also. I'm...
  3. R

    Daughter hearing voices

    My 9yr old has just started talking to me about hearing voices. From reading what people say on here it sounds very genuine. I'm not sure what to do?
  4. Tiglit

    Survival only

    How did it get so bad? My life. I'm an empty shell. My soul has shrivelled. Broken. Damaged. In hiding. A once full and vibrant life full of promise. Now I'm on death row. I can't even write any more. I'm in such despair. Hypomania will come again and trick me into thinking I am happy. I am not...
  5. H

    Very Extreme Mood Swings (Almost Suicidal)

    Hey Everyone, So I thought I'd finally post about this and see if anyone has any suggestions / ideas. A couple of times a week (usually). I get these incredible mood swings where I almost can't function. I get very down, emotional (crying, etc) about things wrong in life (especially with a...
  6. cpuusage

    Is schizophrenia primarilly a brain condition/disorder?

    i've always been very keen to look at the psychological, social & spiritual aspects/perspectives to the experiences that comes under schizophrenia/psychosis - But i am wondering more & more how much this condition is primarily a brain disorder? (however caused). i'm stuck on medication, that i...
  7. F

    Do voices ever make you laugh?

    Every so often they make me laugh, all yesterday morning a man and a woman were trying to get me to phone Alan Titchmarsh to see if he was alright and that if I did that everything would be alright. The instructions they were giving me were of genuine concern. Think allday yeasterday was one of...
  8. T

    Left in the sticks. ESA for mental health.

    Been on esa support group for some years. never had a atos meeting. today I phoned the dwp up regarding a review, he said people are reviewed every twelve months but in my case he could not find/see any reviews in the future. years ago when applying for esa I was in psych hospital a...
  9. C

    counterfeit meds?

    Hi all. Recently, I bought so called diazapam off the Internet. Does anyone know how they're supposed to make u feel? They were shipped from india & to be honest they make me feel worse. Throwing up & staggering about. I'm wondering what the drug laws are in India. If they're genuine, I'm...
  10. C

    My phone has been hacked ! Last genuine post was At my end . The last two posts are not mine !

    My phone has been hacked ! Last genuine post was At my end . The last two posts are not mine ! So sorry my phone was hacked all sorted now ! Please do not delete this account thanks xxxx
  11. S

    What can meds do?

    Hi everyone I'm new here so please bear with me! I've been diagnosed schizoaffective, I'm very confused. I hear voices all the time & have some insights regarding the inner nature of the universe which creates major anxieties many folks can't understand... I'm taking 5mg of rispiradone, 120mg...
  12. supergreysmoke

    Feel like lashing out at the head twisters

    No appointments so they are saved. Shrinks? They only looking, asking and probing for danger signs. Nothing to do with care and healing and genuine empathy. Could lash out at them except I hardly ever see them these days.
  13. M

    No Genuine Feelings

    I feel like I have no genuine feelings for anyone. What is that about? I never contact anyone, or very very rarely. I've been watching a reality show on tele and seeing how emotional they all get about each other and their friendships in there, brought it all to light. Makes me feel cold or...
  14. Mister.B

    Seeing the Negatives.

    Ok, so I have this friend, who despite SHing because she is upset and for a release, doesn't see the negatives of it all. She sees it as artistic and she's just "always done it". She doesn't show any guilt or anything about it afterwards, I think this is genuine too and not just being...
  15. T

    Aural photography

    Just wondered if anyone here has had their Aura read or photographed. Also whether anyone has ever had any kind of spiritual reading that they actually considered genuine (a question for cynics particularly!) :peace:
  16. 0

    What do you want from me?

    Can you please tell me what it is you want or would like from me? I just don't know what you want from me, you don't want a relationship with me, you don't want my friendship but yet you will not leave me alone. Please don't take that as having a go, I just don't know what it is you would like...
  17. K

    please help if you can ...

    :sorry::eek::nod1::low: hi there and thanks for reading this i just need help , i have none only meds and im not coping anymore i feel ive been left too long without help that its impossible to ever become happy again i just cant cope with feeling this way anymore im depressed have anxiety...
  18. suicideangel


    People say they care do they really ? Why? How do you know they really do ? Are they just saying it as there job or as they don't know want else to say this is really bothering me some one Help me to understand so I know and can let people in if there genuine thankyou sorry
  19. A


    Have been thinking a lot about all the stuff that I've gone through. & how unhelpful the majority of the responses have been to what I have experienced. People are simply terrified of Madness in this society & culture. What is so wrong with altered & non-ordinary states? Why is there such...
  20. D


    Hello to everybody had a good day, nice change, hope you all are okay, love this place as it is genuine, people care which these days is great ???