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  1. P

    How do therapists deal with clients that pace during a session?

    I am really struggling at the moment with my anger and frustration and I feel like I am resisting the therapy. I want to continue and open up but I feel so caged in and I feel I can't escape. I seen a mental health professional from a charity for a chat and I ended up pacing from one side of the...
  2. R


    It feels odd to me to introduce myself without including my real name. I'm rileypup and I've just been generally unhappy for a hot minute now. I live in the United States, I'm 22, I'm recently married to a good guy, and I work and go to college. I've been diagnosed loosely with depression...
  3. V

    medication doesnt help

    hi wonder if anyone has found that medication doesn't improve things. I have been on tons pills over the years. they have generally made me feel shit, tired, tremours sickness. the voices and depression have always stayed no respite.
  4. J

    Could I have borderline personality disorder even if I don't self harm?

    Could I have borderline personality disorder even if I don't self harm? I looked up the disorder recently and it seems there's a lot of similarities but I have never wanted to hurt myself in any way. I am more likely to want to hurt others than actually myself generally when distressed. I mean...
  5. H

    Struggling with my husband's behaviour

    Hi, I am new to the forum. My husband of 16 years has just started to treat me really badly and I think he is suffering from some sort of mental health difficulty. He is distant, just doesn't want to talk to me, explodes and shouts at really small stuff and just generally not great to be around...
  6. J

    My depression is to much to cope

    I get anxiety every day I wake up. I have mood swings all the time and generally hate life. I wish I could escape.
  7. G

    I feel so down.

    Some days I'm ok,but others aren't great.I just burst into tears,I carn' t sleep and generally feel alone and sad.
  8. katya

    Any pagans here?

    I'm currently finding my path. Here's a bit about me: I've "converted" from atheism to pantheism, meaning that I now view the universe itself as being divine. I'm following Wicca, which has a God and Goddess, but I see these as anthropomorphims of the "male" and "female"* aspects of the...
  9. L


    Is there any discharge plan under section 3 or is it generally a life long detention?
  10. cpuusage

    Not agreeing with the consenus.

    What do you do when your opinions/perspectives are somewhat different to the majority of people? There's a lot that i disagree with about the current society/system & it often causes arguments & fall outs, especially on-line. i have often felt bullied for how i am/being myself & trying to...
  11. BrianHorlicks

    Dreams of furniture.

    Last night I had a dream, In this very briefly was an old white cupboard. The old large sort, With four legs, Like lions legs, Bowed out in the middle, And three levels of draws, A triple curved fronted, With draws in each curvature, The paint looks streaky. Here's what I've found online; To...
  12. D

    Can bipolar be managed without meds?

    Doctor thinks meds are a miracle sent from heaven. I don't take very well to meds generally even painkillers. Reacted badly to ADs. Wonder if anyone has been ok and has managed fine without meds??
  13. pepecat

    Branching out - forest walks and outdoor activities in Scotland

    Branching Out - Forestry Commission Scotland 'Branching Out is an innovative development for adults who use mental health services in Scotland. For each client, the service consists of around three hours of activities per week in a woodland setting, over 12 weeks. Activities are adapted to...
  14. B

    The price of speaking out

    I live with my sister and her boyfriend. Over the Memorial Day weekend, on Sunday, they had visitors, adult son, DIL two grandchildren, and one adult couple with their two small children. I know the son and his wife well but the other couple I have met only a few times, never spoken to and...
  15. Dantheman210

    Need to get something off my chest

    Sorry about my last post yesterday I am new to this website and don't know how to edit my stuff lol I Need to get something off my chest ... I am new to this page and generally not that good at explaining my feelings so I'm sorry if this goes completely wrong I am 20 years old and a qouple...
  16. S

    Head in the sand, not sure what to do

    Hi, first post, so please be gentle with me :) It's taken me a couple of days to pluck up the courage to type on here, got as far as registering last night, then bottled it again. Not sure where to start or how to word it, so it might be a bit sporadic. Okay, so perhaps a bit about me might be...
  17. M

    Care co ordinators

    Does anyone find them generally quite useless?
  18. F

    Commonly prescribed psychiatric drugs: do they work?

    http://www.nationalelfservice.net/treatment/medicine/commonly-prescribed-psychiatric-drugs-do-they-work/ The effect sizes for commonly prescribed mental health medications were generally small to medium.
  19. F

    Here for me, and my family!

    Hi guys, I am a single Mum of two, I am 26, but have has depression/anxiety since my teens. I am generally better than I was, but like I am sure everyone does, I have bad days still! I am worried about my kids mental health at the moment more than I do my own though, they are both girls, and...
  20. K

    I'm lost

    For starters, sorry if this is the wrong spot to post, I'm not really sure how to categorize my feelings or thoughts so this looked like the correct forum for a post at my level of emotional ignorance. Also: 27/male I've always had trouble making friends/socializing, communicating with people...