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generalized anxiety

  1. Thenotsorealnurse

    New here Anxiety

    Hey everyone. New here. I joined because I have anxiety and am looking to network with other people going through the struggle as well. I know were not supposed to give personal info on here so I'll keep it vague. Im a registered nurse from Los Angeles. I would love to hear from any others that...
  2. D

    Is is appropriate to make friends with people from my anxiety group?

    This September I began going to individual therapy for Social Anxiety/Generalized Anxiety and my therapist asked if I wanted to sign up for group therapy as well and I accepted. Ive been going to group therapy for anxiety for the past two weeks and I was wondering if it is appropriate to make...
  3. T

    GAD, Insecurities and Dating!!

    Hi everyone! I wanted to share my recent disaster. Just need to vent to faceless strangers, if you know what I mean. I recently dated someone briefly who suffers from generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks. I also have suffered from severe social anxiety, but after many years of hard...
  4. B

    GAD and BPD comorbidity or just GAD??

    A few months ago I brought the idea of BPD to my therapist and she and her superior, while not directly diagnosing me with BPD, considered me having it. One of the reasons I thought I had it was my anger issues as that's a core symptom of BPD. Today I spoke to my new therapist and she said my...
  5. A

    Anxiety is eroding my sense of self, I just need to talk to someone

    I feel at the moment like my life is ruled by my anxiety. And so much is going on that I have to just keep it all locked inside, for fear that I'm going to let the people around me down. My partner is severely depressed, and is also in recovery from a couple of serious illnesses. Two of my...
  6. R

    is there any hope?

    hi, i now realize that i have had GAD since in my teens, but been diagnosed only this year, anxiety is through my mums side in abundance, as well as my mum. this is me - i hate going out, i dislike conversation, the world is too loud, i generally dislike people in social situations i.e...
  7. Lunamoon

    New development in my world :(

    This is a new development in my world. It makes my anxiety 100 times worse. I find myself unable to relax unless things are perfect all around me, my own idea of perfect anyway. If things are not placed a certain way, or cleaned a certain way, I cannot relax! I constantly get up and pause...
  8. G

    GAD and Intrusive Thoughts

    Hello! I'm a woman in her early 20's. For a number of years I have suffered from generalised anxiety with long periods of depression. I had a good couple of years, but this year the hammer's really come down on me and I've started to struggle, especially with fears about my health, and trying to...
  9. DonnaHamilton

    Hello everyone :)

    My name is Donna, I'm 22, from Scotland. I have BPD & GAD
  10. L

    Anxiety triggers causing a setback.

    I have a history of anxiety and depression and was on Fluoxetine 20mg for 12 months, I have been off them around 11 months now. These past couple of months I've been experiencing moderate symptoms of depression/anxiety, but they have been manageable. However I have experienced what seems to be...
  11. G

    Anxiety (probably GAD) + depersonalization/derealization + ADD

    Am having a hell of a time trying to control my anxiety. I've had issues with it since I was a child- was always very self conscious and insecure + constantly worrying about my parents dying. As a teenager and young adult, this manifested as social anxiety which I still have to a degree, though...