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generalised anxiety

  1. P

    New job anxiety / depression

    Hello, this is my first post on this forum and it's quite a long one, sorry! So I've had severe anxiety ever since I can remember, but it massively improved over the last couple of years after having CBT, a job I was comfortable in, good exercise / healthy eating, enough sleep etc. 3 weeks ago...
  2. T

    I have numerous fear; the ones I want to overcome is puppies and the police.

    Hello all, I have a lot of fears; death is one of them. I want to explain how I feared puppies though. I remember around a kid, I would laugh and play with the puppies, but I would run away from them and become scared because they would catch up with me and chew on my socks. We got our dog 5 1/4...
  3. Lazz

    New GAD diagnosis

    Hi guys. I'm new to this forum so I'll introduce myself! I'm Lazz. I'm a university student who's recently been diagnosed with GAD (about 3 weeks ago). I just wanted to join this forum to hear about other peoples' experiences with anxiety. In particular, I find it quite isolating sometimes as I...
  4. AnxiousAmy88

    At least we're not alone

    Hi I'm Amy, I'm 30 years old and I live in Rugby, UK. (For those who don't know we invented the sport!) 4 years ago I was sat watching TV at home when all of a sudden I felt like a wave had rolled underneath me, I fell off my sofa and then felt like my throat had closed up, it was the scariest...
  5. D

    Should i try meds?

    Just a quick over view of me: 28yo old female turning 29 this month. Working full time. I believe I have some mild form of anxiety problem maybe associated with something else? Or maybe a generalised anxiety disorder? I've always been the type of person that gets excessively nervous about...
  6. P

    Starting to wonder if this isn't healthy

    I have always been a worrier, but it has definitely gotten worse over the years (I'm 28 now). It's at the point where I'm always frightened about so many things: - people at working finding out I'm a fraud and only faking knowing what I'm doing and I'll lose my job. I know my job is a fairly...
  7. M


    Hey everyone! I am a 20 year old student, who has recently been diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder, IBS and Dyspraxia. I don't get out much with GAD and unfortunately my social life is next to nothing due to the very recent break up of my long term boyfriend, which ended due to the...
  8. jools1234

    Hello from Wales, new to site guys and has anyone tried the Linden method? or similar ?

    Hello from Wales, new to site guys and has anyone tried the Linden method? or similar ? Hello all, I am 34, M, and have just joined from sunny South Wales ,(hmmm). I have been extremely lonely (mentally) for a long time now, I have never opened up to anyone about how I am feeling (very...