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  1. A

    Forum suggestion

    Hi All Maybe I didn’t come across well I don’t know but was reaching out for help. There doesn’t seem to be much general chatter on this forum and lots of short threads. Can anyone recommend a more suitable forum please?
  2. S


    Hi everyone, I'm a new member and am looking forward to getting to know everyone. I suffer with depression and General anxiety disorder x
  3. M

    Body Dysmorphia

    I've been spending a lot of time overthinking. Awhile back I had an acid trip, this wasn't the only thing to contribute to my body dysmorphia but looking in the mirror during and trying to see my face seemed near impossible. I think I'm going crazy over not knowing what I look like. Light...
  4. A

    My Depression is really getting to me

    I have been really depressed lately and I don't know why. I really have a lot going for me right now with school and life in general but I just feel empty and it is causing my grades to suffer.
  5. H

    General indifference and lack of motivation

    Hi everyone, I'm a 21 year old Male who's currently studying at University. I lack the motivation to do anything I know I'm supposed to be doing uni work or even personal projects. Not only that I don't seem to feel stressed etc about the work or studying I'm not doing even when assignments or...
  6. SoCalPhoenix


    I registered on these forums to give and receive support for my condition/s. I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia and I have general anxiety. Thank you for having me.
  7. F


    #asd #aphantasia http://wrongplanet.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=332887&p=7704999#p7704999 A not very comprehensive number of respondents but 29% compared to approx 2% general population.
  8. D

    Extensive problems with relationships

    Has anyone ever had love taken away from them? Love for themselves, love for someone else, love for family and friends. Love in general. I'm being brutally honest here.
  9. N

    Hi everyone, new member here!

    My name is Emma, I'm only 18 and was diagnosed with bipolar 2 five months ago, and major depression, social anxiety, and generalized anxiety four months before that. Since I try not to identify with my mental illnesses too much, I'll also say that I'm passionate about mental health in general...
  10. K

    Learning, University, Career

    Since being diagnosed a year ago, I have mostly recovered in terms of psychosis but am still a bit shaken cognitively and socially. However, I am making progress with reading books and general learning things, inc. about my illness. I would like to take this to the next level and do a masters at...
  11. H

    I could use some advice

    I joined this forum today. For
  12. dreambuggieIII

    General Contemplation

    The large self-made bug
  13. cpuusage

    Shocking general attitudes to mental health

    i'm on a another forum for 'normals' & their general attitudes towards & understandings of mental health are utterly disgusting. It's a No fault illness/condition. People need genuine understanding, compassion, kindness, care, help & support - Not blame, attack & derision. Schizophrenia has...
  14. Bell394

    Hello, I'm Bell394

    Hello everyone, I decided to join this community because I am currently suffering with cyclothymia, which I think might be progressing into bipolar. I feel awful 24/7,either high or low they both are awful. New meds haven't kicked in yet, I'm still getting used to my diagnosis as I have always...
  15. S

    Impact of flowers on your mental health!!

    Hi everyone, Did you know that flowers can have an impact on our mental health?? Well, they can. I never knew that flowers could have so much impact on our mental health. Both at home and at work place, try to have flowers around you. It may help to create an air of positivity and increase...
  16. D

    I hate everything about me

    There's not anything I can think of that makes me like myself. I'm just shitty in general. Just thought I'd share
  17. M

    Feel like I'm losing a friend

    So me and my best friend have been together for 5 years now (coming up to 6). As you can imagine, we're really close. But in March last year, my best friend got a girlfriend. Obviously I was, and still am happy for him! I'm not jealous or in love with my best friend or anything! I'm genuinely...
  18. B


    I feel I've lost my mind, my memory (short term is gone), my ability to think and hold a conversation is a struggle. I fake my way through general interactions, and try to gloss over the gaps where I can't remember words, can't remember the start of the sentence, I keep trying to replace the...
  19. Tired Daisy

    Looking for a friend

    Please can somebody hang out with me one weekend I live in London I'm looking to go for a beer in a pub maybe go to a Goth Punk place afterward or just hanging out in general I'm getting desperate for some company, just one Friday or Saturday night, thats all I'm asking. Please :(
  20. H

    Hi MHF

    Hello, I've already made a few posts but thought best to say hello. Not entirely sure what being in a forum like this will do helping current situations as I've never been a member on such a site but already have met 2 nice people. Not entirely sure if it's aloud to be said in this section...