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  1. T

    How can i not be so nervous when talking to guys well talking to people in general? Please help

    How can i not be so nervous when talking to guys well talking to people in general? Please help I feel like Im going to be single for the rest of my life, because I get so nervous when Im around guys! Esp guys my age Im 21. I cant talk to a guy without sweating, my heart racing, shaking and...
  2. G

    Found the cause of my anxiety problems

    Hi, Over the last couple of years or so i have had increased anxiety and stuff, quite depressed days etc and i think i know the reason why. A while back, someone said they thought i was gay, and literally from that moment on it changed me completely. I will say now that i know i am definitely...
  3. pepecat

    Lesbian? Straight?

    Hi julia well, sexuality is kinda a tricky subject for people, but firstly, it doesn't matter what parents you have growin up. Kids can grow up with gay parents or straight parents and be straight themselves, and kids can grow up with gay parents or straight parents and be gay themselves. You...
  4. T

    How to get rid of my social anxiety? I beg of you

    Okay Im trying to figure out where to start. I dont have a lot of friends I can honestly say I dont have any real friends, I have a lot of acquaintances but I cant really call alot of people my friend! I have been raised as a jehovahs witness and when being raised as a jehovahs witness I...
  5. B

    Im so emotionless, how to change?

    I want to know how to reverse what I have done to myself. I know that sounds strange, but I just hate the way I am. When I was 11 I discovered I was gay, I didnt know it was called gay then but I knew I liked other boys at school and I was really scared and didnt know what to do, so I did what...
  6. T

    What is going on with me? Do I have some type of depression? My story

    I was born and raised as a jehovahs and baptized at the age of 14. My dad has ben an elder for a long time, but I want to leave the JW organization because Im gay. Ive been attracted to men as long as I can remember, Ive always liked boys, I liked a couple of girls too back then. If I had to...
  7. Gaga1

    my ex is always there

    Well it goes like this, I met a boy in drama club last year. We got to know each other for 4 months and we went out for 1 month. The reason he broke up with me cause he said he was 'becoming more gay' and when he said that I became 110% paranoid and called him names all over Twitter. I also...
  8. W

    Boyfriend leaving / World crashing.

    So, lately, I have been kinda....down in the dumps. Even as negative as that sounds, given the current state of things, i am not inclined to accept that as fact. Negativity is only a place in your mind that you go when you want someone to feel sorry for you. Not a healthy place. Instead, I...
  9. S

    Does this sound like Asexuality?

    Hey again guys, I'm a gay man who isn't really all that attracted to other gay guys, and I really like and would love to be with girls but I am not sexually attracted to them, even though I feel I should be for sure. I think there is no way to cure this and I will be alone forever, should I...
  10. Nooma42

    Unrequited Love + Bipolar = Bad Combo!

    I'm a gay female who is in love with my best friend. She is also gay but does not feel the same towards me (although we met on a date in December it was looking like were headed for a relationship. She suddenly changed her mind about what she wanted). I feel totally torn apart by it. I found...
  11. Sweetie

    HOCD...Or A Loada Bull !

    Hi, Could someone please tell me if this is a form of OCD. I have searched the thoughts i have and it calls itself HOCD. It stands for Homosexual Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Okay, what it is for me is that randomly and quite often i would get this thought in my head like "what if i am gay"...
  12. Sweetie


    Hi, I im new to this site, but im so glad i have found it so i can talk to people who are suffering too. Well a lil bit about me and my situation. I suffer from social anxiety, it presents itself in the form of blushing. It is far less common and for that reason nobody will really understand...
  13. M

    Need advice re friend?

    Hello all. I have a close friend who has suffered a few years with pretty bad anxiety and recently had their first full blown manic episode. It was brought on by a strange confused sexuality state where they were so mixed up about what they were. He was saying he was staight one minute, gay...
  14. J

    Girls and gay men

    Whilst I was on holiday, a girl started to talk to me in the early hours of the morning and having had a few san miguels, I dont think she was prepared for my answer, "she was telling me how much she loved her friend n if only he wasnt gay", I told her to leave him alone so he could get on with...