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  1. P

    Gay fetish problem and depression and distress

    I just can't stop the obsessive thoughts about wanting to see and smell men's underwear, I hate being like this, just obsessed with the idea,had it sinceci was six, im now in my forties and no friends , I feel my life is over, there's no future as a gay man with autism, nobody wants to know...
  2. Tired Daisy

    Is being attracted to the same sex a bad thing

    Hi there, I'm openly admitting to being attracted to the same sex. I like cross dressers and transgenders and I watch emo gay and gay goth stuff on the net, I don't like the manly look tho but I have always been turned on by guys that are females if you know what I mean lol regular woman are...
  3. Tired Daisy

    I'm really struggling in life

    They say pray to God and everything will be ok but it don't work and I'm sick of the voices in my head that tell me everything will be ok because it won't and isn't every time I try to get back on my feet I'm thrown off no matter what or how positive I try to be. I'm cursed by the devil maybe I...
  4. N

    Depressed (life/future)

    It's been 1 month into university and I really thought it would be the moment in my life where I would be happy for once and change. I've made really no friends so far and it's been a very isolating experience. My flatmates have already branched out and made friends with other people and so...
  5. A

    Somebody called me gay

    So before I start with the thread I have nothing against gay or lesbian people in fact I used to have some gay friends who were good mates of mine but I'm straight and hate being called gay or people thinking that I might be gay as it can be stressful and plays on my anxiety and I can't help...
  6. F

    How can I stop obsessing over neighbour who has made my life hell

    He has made up lies about me which NEARLY got me evicted. He doesnt like the fact i dont talk to him (he told the mediator this) i complained about his laminated flooring (is against the tenancy) after he bascially told me to f off and he was there first. Anyway he has gone on the key my car...
  7. E

    HOCD or really homosexual? Male 25.

    This began when I was about 13. When I was a child from 7 to 13 years old, I liked kissing and sexual plays with two of my male cousins. Sometimes I did the male role others the " female" role and I felt good. Besides I'm sure when I was a child I felt in love with a pair of boys. I wanted to...
  8. C

    Tired of being a lonely depressed gay autistic vegan pedophile

    It's just so difficult. I'm struggling to not give up. I am only 19 and I don't know hat to do with my life, especially with al these obstacles.
  9. C

    Voice to skull, psychotronic : bastard

    Incredible what does this power : When I find you perps voice to skull, I send you to hell, with your families and the responsibles. Why do the authorities let them do this ? If they are responsible, they must die also. La mort serait une punition trop douce pour vous sale espions de merdes.
  10. S


    So have battled with OCD before now - Had panic attacks thinking I was going to die all the time, so had CBT and it really help and those thoughts pretty much went. I've also always been a worrier and had OCD tendencies (having to touch a light so many times when I turn it off or leave a room)...
  11. T

    Worst Year of my life so far...

    Hey guys! My first ever post regarding OCD or my personal life in general. Anyway I'll start from the beginning. I have always had minor signs of OCD as a youngster. Mainly I would do things a certain amount of time, but I could easily control it, it was more of an automatic thing I would do. Up...
  12. F

    Delusional obsession/overvalued idea

    Do you find that when one delusional obsession/ overvalued idea fades it is replaced by another ? For years it was over wanting a sex change but now it is over the issue of being gay although at 57 i have only had one hetero relationship which was good (although i was sexually inept) and no...
  13. S

    please help me! :(

    I am a British 21 year old male living in Egypt. I have suffered from depression for 7 years now, and on meds. I have had strong feelings for this Egyptian man. He knows I am gay and today I told him I have strong feelings for him. He said he understands but he can't help me or feels the same. I...
  14. P

    group home folly

    the IRTS group home im at spent $2000.00 on food for a party when minnesota legalized gay marriage, now they cant afford snacks and food they once had for the residents. I dont feel i should have to pay 800.00 of my money to a place that wont put 2000.00 into the comfort of the residents who...
  15. A

    Depressed about sexuality and other things

    Hi I'm a 21 year old male and I know I'm not straight. But what I don't know is whether I'm gay or bi, but I think I'm more likely to be gay. To tell the truth, I'm a virgin. I've never been in a serious relationship with anyone. I didn't have any interest in sex or relationships in my teenage...
  16. cpuusage

    Dinesh Bhugra: Psychiatry needs a broader focus

    Dinesh Bhugra: Psychiatry needs a broader focus | Society | The Guardian The first gay president of the World Psychiatric Association wants a radical rethink of mental illness and for the profession to apologise for the harm it has inflicted on gay people and women What do we mean by mental...
  17. worrymuffin

    please help

    I am a gay woman. Happily married for 4 and a half years. Our relationship is solid. Things that are sent to try us or break us apart only make us stronger together. I know im gay - I have been for many years! I don't want a relationship with anyone other than my wife..... My issue is that...
  18. S

    Bipolar and relationships....need help.

    Hi everyone. I am new to this group and hoping to get insight and more importantly help and advice on dealing with bipolar in my relationship. I am not new to bipolar, having a cousin, best friend and now partner, amongst others living with it in my life. My partner (let's call him Bill) was...
  19. FixMe26

    Over the edge!!

    I know it's against the rules to mention any attempts of self-harm but I'm getting the urges. Today (well yesterday) is/was my birthday and I just got called "tranny", "dude looks like a lady", "only gay guys will go with you". I'm so sick of being this social outcast!
  20. T

    HELP,What is wrong with me? Im so serious! Warning its VERY VERY long but my its my life

    HELP,What is wrong with me? Im so serious! Warning its VERY VERY long but my its my life I had recently (last week) suffered of what I think was an anxiety attack at work. My chest started to have a little tension at work but I just ignored but I didnt want to tell my manager because I didnt...