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  1. L

    Am I over reacting again?!? PLEASE HELP

    Hello! Please help me out here I feel like I have sunk to the bottom of the absolute earth and I don’t know if I’m over reacting. My partner has been dishonest with me several times in the past about talking to different girls in a flirtatious way etc. As far as i know he has never actually...
  2. C

    Can the same person be a narcissit and passive aggressive?

    I came a across a certain gaming forum in which certain things caught my attention. After reading what the admin there posted over the course of years and reading some stuff that the admin posted years before on another gaming forum, I came accross the term NPD. The admin of that forum matches...
  3. S

    possible causes of this "disorder"

    The title that someone wrote "Separation Anxiety Disorder as a child" - this is exactly what gargamels("mindManipulators/mindProgrammers") are doing. This are people that are professionally doing a "job" conditioning other people. This are usually hipnoIdiots(mainOnes-notAll) and some others...
  4. O

    Think it’s all coming unraveled ?

    Ok so you guys may have seen my other post. Got home from work today shit is just weird. Went to the bedroom to go into the bathroom. Doorknob to bathroom was broke off. She said sorry she accidentally broke it. Then I went to get in tub I noticed the book I was reading called the game( with...
  5. S

    Online (Multiplayer) Games and Schizophrenia

    I have Schizophrenia and i’m taking medicines (Zyprexa 20mg). How to be good/better in Multiplayer Games (Counter-Strike and others…) because i’m really bad at this game? Is this because Schizophrenia or medicines? When i have hallucinations i can’t play any game.
  6. Solitude1


    Hello. Strange question, even stupid. The other day I was playing the same level of a game for half an hour straight and couldn't win it. My friend did it only one round and he could win. I tried many times later and still losing... I don't know why it would matter... but now I'm bothered...
  7. Goldiron

    A video game about schizophrena

    There is a video game about schizophrenia. Its called Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. The protagonist suffers from schizophrenia. Here is the link to the game Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice - Wikipedia Link to the website http://www.hellblade.com/ What do you guys think about it?
  8. Owl93

    Really need some help to understand

    This lad is in love/ obsessed with me but I found out a couple of day's ago he has a girlfriend. It has been hard for me to understand why anyone could act like this, I keep thinking was it a game. If anyone can help me understand it would help me a lot.
  9. naominash

    New Withdrawals, not sure what to think

    Last night when I tried to go to sleep, there were these cold, painful, itchy tingles that I've had during psychosis. I also tried to sleep and couldn't do the fact that I was stuck playing a puzzle game in my head over and over. I could NOT think of anything else for a while. I eventually...
  10. cpuusage

    The End Game

    "Yet only those souls that can awaken within the game and attain higher levels of consciousness will “graduate” to the next level — a new and transformed version of Earth. All others will essentially have to take the same “class” over again — e.g., play the same level of the game again but...
  11. B

    I require a diagnosis for someone else

    Hi. When i was 18 years old my friend and aye decided we wanted to go out for a drink and to get the money my friend decided he was going to sell his gold watch, so we set about finding someone to sell the gold watch to, and then while walking up to a local pub we knew some guy with red hair...
  12. BorderlineDownunder


    Ive sort of started with the online dating, but I think I might be too paranoid to actually meet anyone. One of the guys Ive managed to attract has turned out to be a cop. Now, some girls might be thrilled about this but my first thought is, I cant date a cop! what if he stalks me??? :eek...
  13. Funnyday

    Its All A Game

    My voice today has told me that there is a game being played with people who hear voices. We're all pawns in a game of life played by elites. They manipulate us to put us in positions to achieve goals that assist them in winning. Sounds strange I know. The thing is I'm not playing their game...

    So... I am 'The Victim'...

    Just get that feeling. In another persons' life I fulfill the role of the victim. this feeling is far too common, and I smell a rat. Sorry, I am not playing that game. If they cannot handle their own issues, leave me out of it.
  15. M

    Friendship issue

    Hello, 23m Brazilian here, I came here to ask about a friendship problem. I am working on an indie PC game with my long-time friend of 6 years, beginning last May 2013. From February, some of our meetings started to worsen. Sometimes, when I would offer an idea, he would...
  16. N

    Maybe i dont belong here

    Before you reply to this post if you havent read my previous please read it! http://www.mentalhealthforum.net/forum/thread86557.html , This life beginning to start to be a waste of my time im tired of the same game over an over again. I dont think i clarified this in my last thread but...
  17. Pobs Sister

    Am I in a Computer Game or is this real?

    Hi everyone, I am glad I found this forum it has given me somewhere to write down my thoughts and try to make sense of them. Does anyone have strange feels of their surroundings not being real, like you are not really their and everything in the room including people/furniture are all in your...
  18. S

    Completing tasks during subconscious?

    Hi there, sorry if this is in the wrong section but I couldn't quite figure out where I should be posting this. I'll start by saying I have an anxiety disorder, possibly mild depression too, though I'm not sure about that. Anyway, this should be unrelated to that. Basically, I've noticed time...
  19. C

    MH professionals v me

    Hi Everyone, Had a stint in my psychiatric hospital recently it was hell and didn't help but hinder at the time, however now I am out after a Section 2, I realise everything is for a reason and my fight with the MH has been behind the scenes until this admission and now I can be open about my...
  20. F

    Depression quest

    Depression Quest is an interactive fiction game where you play as someone living with depression. You are given a series of everyday life events and have to attempt to manage your illness, relationships, job, and possible treatment. This game aims to show other sufferers of depression that they...