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    Advice for fundraising

    Hey, my son is signing up to go on a 4 week trip with Camps International to Borneo in 2020. He needs to raise over £4000, so is going to be busy fundraising. I would love any advice/ideas about what he could do. Money has to be paid at regular times. We aren't in a position to pay it for...
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    BPD and cancer research fundraising.

    Im already fundraising for cancer research by making and selling childrens bedroom door names. I was wounding if anyone knew of a way i could do this for bpd?:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::dance::loveshower::loveshower::inlove:
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    Mind fundraiser

    MIND FUNDRAISING IDEAS!!!! Im thinking about doing some small fundraising events in my local area of east anglia. If you guys and gals can give me some simple ideas then maybe make an even bigger event. mental health is close to my heart as i have always suffered with it. i want to help...