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  1. P

    I'm freaking out.

    started having thoughts of if it was better to be a animal woth no thought thoughts or feeling than to be a human today and it's like my brain took a huge punch. Higher thoughts seem meaningless. Everything feels meaningless and arbitrary. Concepts are illusions that our minds made up. Why do we...
  2. albie

    Enhanced Attention Syndrome

    I think I have invented it. And have it. It means I spot coincidences more than most. I see and hear too much. It is the opposite of ADD. It was fun seeing more but now it has turned bad.
  3. L

    not sure what's wrong with me anymore

    warning: this might be a rambling mess because it's 1:37am and i don't really know what i'm talking about. i'm not sure what it is but recently been feeling a bit shit. just in general. i feel low and sad for genuinely no reason - usually when i'm alone dwelling on stupid thoughts like 'what...
  4. T

    Still not feeling better

    It has been 12 days since this depression began. I reduced my mood stabilizer but did not increase my fluoxetine as i was told to do. I think i might have to but i am not good at tolerating side-effects. I feel god awful though. The cold weather doesn't help and the part of the country i live...
  5. shaky

    Naked cycling - is it a good idea?

    I'm on one night release from hospital But now I want to go cycling naked round town It seems such a fun idea I know I've had some alcohol and maybe that wasn't a brilliant thing to do. But I need something FUN I'll end up back in hospital Or maybe not What to do :unsure:
  6. R

    Help please: I'm being BULLIED online.

    There are people talking about me online. I don't think they know my tumblr, and other places where I post my art and interest in witchcraft. But I'm worried! They're on some forum and they've been making fun of me and many other people who are members of a celebrity gossip website. I have...
  7. O

    Just started prozac 20mg today

    Hello all, hope everybody is having a amazing day today. I have been very very depressed for the last year or two. The feeling that nothing will ever get better, even when something fun and awesome is coming up. I think about how fun it is gonna be and then I think about after and how life will...
  8. Kerome

    Richard Dawkins and Ricky Gervais on Religion

    I enjoyed this, some of it was quite fun...
  9. S

    I overheard my brother talking about me

    I overheard my brother, at the diner, talking about me. My dad, mother, and me were all sitting in the diner eating. My brother and his girlfriend sat in a booth behind me. I overheard him say the word "brother", and "you wanna hang out?" in a mocking tone of voice. He was probably talking...
  10. T

    Any help please

    Okay so Thursday i went out with a couple we had fun they took me bowling and afterwards went back to the hotel room too have fun but now I'm finding it hard to remember there faces and picture them im s cared i will forget It and then I mean I try but I can't
  11. Zardos

    Its Been A Bad Week

    I had to come off codeine this week.. Plus I've been trying to come off sugar because I'm too fat.. So I've felt like shit all week.. And its not really getting any better i can't sit still or concentrate.. i just feel soo ill... Got some bad times coming up.. Got to get my prescription on...
  12. Per Ardua Ad Astra

    Ho! Ho! Ho!

    Merry Crimbo, guys :) :) Hope it's the best it can be, for all of us :) Stay well, and stay safe - and have fun where and when you can :) Here's a toast to us all:
  13. G

    Hello new to the forum

    Hello! My name is Gregory and I just wanted to introduce myself. I have joined this forum because I think it would be awfully nice to have a place to discuss things and have a supportive community. I’ll start by saying a bit about myself, what is bothering me and asking a question or two...
  14. X


    I feel like I have no place in this world. I have low self-esteem and I constantly feel unworthy of everything. I am often envious of people who appear to have healthy relationships with their Dads, people who have many friends, and my work colleagues who get treated better by management than...
  15. Lyotto1

    so sick of bully

    So what if am sick of being bullied because of my social anxiety and made fun of?! What if it just makes me so hurt and angry!!!!! I no longer want to pretend am not hearing what they're saying and let them know what of feels like and how mad it could make me. I wanna grabb one these scums and...

    Anybody into web coding?

    I have been learning JavaScript the last few weeks. It is a fun language to learn, and you can use it to help build websites. I am following the course at freeCodeCamp. One of the tasks is to solve algorithms - which may sound hard but it is a lot of fun. Like doing a crossword for nerds...
  17. Lyotto1

    Social anxiety: an emotional pain that either attracts mockery or pity

    Social anxiety: an emotional pain that either attracts mockery or pity When you are having an interesting group conversation at work giving your take on things, suddenly you feel like getting tense? Your face turns flushing hot you're feeling your heart beat, body stiffens your genuine smile...
  18. 6

    Fun with the family

    My 4 kids ages 6 to 10 have been begging/looking forward to a family water balloon fight. Today we made it happen. They had a blast. We all were laughing and had fun. We ended the fight wet and eating freezies happily in the backyard. I came in to change clothes and suddenly felt so sad. I...
  19. L

    Self harm, depression, anxiety

    I can't control my self harm I'm so depressed and anxious, I'm meant to b going on holiday in 2 weeks and my arm is covered in wounds and scars I'm terrified il get made fun off or people will talk and point at me, my thoughts r racing can't get settled
  20. R


    I suffer with depression and anxiety and used to have sex quite a lot, but recently I haven't been lucky with sex. I'm getting quite frustrated sexually as I haven't had sex since the end of last year and it's annoying me. I'm fed up of wanking and just want to have some fun and be intimate...