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  1. Jbb79

    Wow - I'm nuts ! !

    I'm Nut nuts x x But, I Have a Tree, Full of Nuts x xx When I Shake :mrgreen:
  2. F

    Back to looking for full time work

    Hi all I have recently had to give up a full time job due to my anxiety returning. I have seen my counsellor and bought several books regarding anxiety and I am continuing to make good progress. I had thought about part-time work, but something had been niggling away at me. I think I need to...
  3. P

    Over Whelmed and confused

    My oldest son, just went off to job corps. My oldest and I are not on the best of terms. In the past month, my husband gma passed away who I known for 10 years she reminded me a lot of my own gma. Then my Great Aunt Martha passed. She was 102. So was the last of the older generation of...
  4. B

    Just can’t get chance

    I apply and apply but nothing. Applied for Unit Secretary job at hospital. Contacted recruiter on LinkedIn... she said she saw my application but I asked for too much. It was shift 6 - 3 pm, full time, and I asked for $40k. Her response made me spiral. Inside for 2 days now. Not motivated.
  5. Fairy Lucretia

    twat twat twat twat

    just sat for ages and wrote something here i poured my heart out and then thought better of it because i am a twat my head is so full of mush i don't know where to put myself i don't belong here honestly i don't belong anywhere
  6. S

    When you feel well again

    Don't you just find it so unfair that after abit of an episode (for me caused by insomnia)or people find out you have a mental health illness all of a sudden everything you say gets made out to be bat shit crazy even if what your sayings true and your back to full health and mental clarity.
  7. sunset547544

    Nightmares/Quitting Smoking

    I am determined to quit smoking & nicotine again for a long period of time (at least 4 months, maybe even 2 years) for all sorts of different reasons. One of the hardest things I find dealing with is the way it affects my sleep, it seems to be lighter, shorter and feature weird, horrible...
  8. C

    too comfortable staying at home

    I'm not sure if I am agoraphobic or just introverted... I only go out if I have to, as it's the holidays I don't feel the need to leave, even if I get bored, the thought of going out doesn't interest me. In a way I kind of enjoy the fact I can sit at home all day doing whatever the fuck I...
  9. iamwilliam

    Struggling to see a positive future

    Hello. I have recently lost my job due to an accident , I have been advised to start a new career and I am totally lost and full of anxiety , my depression is at an all time low and I cannot find a way out :low:
  10. L

    worried about my claim

    can anyone give advice on pip I'm ex army with ptsd and recently had a full mental breakdown, never claimed pip before but have been advised to.
  11. R

    Social anxiety

    So today I had a dinner with my fiancees cousins. There is a slight awkwardness and an underlying issue with our dynamics. I dont like then simply. I dont think they wish me good and have in the past shown that theyre are not happy for us. As I sat there at dinner I felt really weak. The night...
  12. M

    Wondering if I'm imagining it

    Hi I'm new on here so please bare with me. Iv had anxiety all my life (I'm in my 30s now) it never used to affect my social side as much, but now it controls it. I moved to a new area a few years ago and I always feel like people are looking at me and judging me. If I hear someone laughing...
  13. T

    Im not myself when alone?

    19yo, I feel like the biggest part of me gets lost when I'm by myself. I can be with my friends all day and be completely happy, but the minute I'm by myself I feel like I disassociate. I'm restless and frustrated to a point I'm anxious but there's nothing at all I want to do that would make me...
  14. S

    All over the place - need help

    Hi I've recently been diagnosed with BPD even though I've had the symptoms for about 30 years. I'm waiting to find out if they'll offer me DBT but I'm not holding out much hope. the mental health team have been anything but helpful over the past few years. I'm struggling with work - I work full...
  15. megirl


    Dont quite know where to start. Just before xmas the year before last 2016 i had a major car crash. Anyway lucky to be alive broke my neck was an unstable fracture so lucky to not be paralysed,,complications but here i am feeling like my old self. Anyway have had a difficult relationship with my...
  16. Funnyday

    My dream memory is being tested

    I was awoken yet again by a manufactuered dream transmitted to my brain via an electronic implant. The dream is rather hazey now. The voices are still active. Why won't they just shut the fcuk up! I and nobody else is interested in what they have to say. Why don't they just die a horriable death...
  17. E

    The loneliness

    My husband has Clinical Depression he is getting help which is good 3 different meds and CBT. His psychiatrist has said he’s still not responding. He is either silent as he has no thoughts or feelings or grumpy and irritable no in between. He’s constantly upsetting the kids and we are all...
  18. B

    Life in General

    I don't even know where to start.. I'm diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety and I am currently on many medications including mood stabilizers, antidepressants, antipsychotics and anti-anxiety medication. I have a spinal condition Scheuermanns Disease which puts me in pain a lot of the...
  19. W

    Where am I?

    I've a decent job, a wonderful wife, kid, house & dog - I miss being young. I turn to alcohol and try and relive it with younger colleagues. I go home and it kills me that I'm nearly 40; I missed my youth. I then drink alone and be full of anxiety and remorse, which leads to depression. What can...
  20. S

    Levomepromazine. Has anyone tried this medication?

    We picked it up today from this psychiatrist. She told me to take it tonight. I got 100 mg. She told me to take half, but I'm going to take the full pill since I need to sleep. I know this medication won't work anyway, which is why I might take the full pill.