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  1. A

    Driving Anxiety

    So I'm hoping that someone on here may be able to help me get over my driving anxiety or at least help me understand a little more. I'd even just be happy to find someone to talk to who understands my perspective. I've had my permit for about six years now and am no closer to getting my actual...
  2. H

    I Know it Will Happen

    I've always felt that it will happen one day. I didn't have anything happen to dictate me feeling this way, I just knew in my bones since I was young that I wouldn't see the day I turn 31. I've struggled with attempts, and each time I got scared of what would happen next. Part of me is...
  3. C

    Trapped energy - overwhelmed and self harming.

    Hi everyone - new here so sorry if I somehow post this wrong... First of all, whether you finish reading this or not, I hope you are okay and that your day only gets better from here. I'm sure I'll bother you with a lot more problems soon but for now... I'm concerned that sometimes for no...
  4. 9

    Long distance relationship

    First of all thank you for taking the time to read this, not sure how to start I’ve been experiencing depressive episodes since several years now. At times I feel better but then when things don’t go well I feel overwhelmed and I just break down, it’s like all is intensified. I have low self...
  5. C

    Progress With Therapist - Possible BPD?

    I'm still trying to crack the code of the puzzle that is me. So to do this, i've decided to bite the bullet and pay for a private therapist. Yesterday was my third session and I seemed more relaxed with him and seemed to better give a bit more accurate description of my issues. One thing i...
  6. K

    Depression turning into anger and frustration

    So, after so much time feeling sad i'm starting to feel really frustrated, I tried so hard to change my situation and after failing for so long this sadness is being replaced by pure anger. Whenever I think of how I lost my adolescence to social anxiety and how I'm starting to lose my early...
  7. T

    A constant - never - ending vicious cycle of over-thinking, over-sensitivity, hyper levels of anxiousness

    A constant - never - ending vicious cycle of over-thinking, over-sensitivity, hyper levels of anxiousness Hi all, I feel in the middle of nowhere. I have multiple tasks to complete. I kind of know about it. But I anticipate them going wrong and doubt my own self endlessly. If I take up a task...
  8. I

    Sexual Frustration

    Hi, I am a 28 y/o virgin Asian male. I know I am attractive, but with women, I don't get anywhere.:cry2::thumbdown: Now that I think about it. I'm jealous of women. All they have to do is be hot, and they're the ones who gift the sex. I have zero game. I say things I don't mean. Dates with me...
  9. N

    The sounds of frustration

    i am so bloody frustrated. i just want to yell and twitch about a bit making frustrated sounds. But I can't cause i'm in a stupid mental health setting and if i do what i want they will never let me go so instead i will vent through my fingers... HHNNNNNNNNNNRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH
  10. J

    Don't know what is real anymore

    I have had OCD since I was 11. I'm 30 years old. It has taken many forms but at the moment I am battling terribly with harm OCD. It flares up when I am upset and angry and I feel I like I am capable of terrible things. I love animals and my harm OCD is nearly always directed at animals. This...
  11. B


    Hi all, last year I took a month off work when I went back on anti depressants and although I can be at work, I struggle sometimes. My work place has the option to purchase additional annual leave and i told my manager that I wanted it to help manage my condition and avoid sick leave. My request...
  12. Foxjo

    Wish I could look forward to the future

    Such a common problem of depression. I'm so frustrated not being able to look forward into the future. Not even to tomorrow, let alone something like a holiday or a birthday etc.. I dare not plan. even though i am now well and in a manageable place i do not make plans. This frustrates me. I...
  13. BorderlineDownunder


    I don't really have one I used to have one, then MI hit and I lost everything. Now I'm slowly trying to rebuild which is very difficult when you have no family, no friends, no money, no interests, basically no life. At least I'm not homeless any more but if the old cow next door had her way I...
  14. T


    Loneliness is a catalyst for my true feelings and opinions, when left alone with myself I can properly inspect the way I think and operate to a fine, gruelling detail. Like when you stare at something for so long you begin to see things you couldn't before and that don't necessarily add to...

    Its the frustration.

    Having a mental health disorder leaves us frustrated. Especially when we can't talk about it or we are treated as if we are stupid. Oh I don't even know what I am saying.
  16. C

    If People Talked About Stolen Wallets The Way People Talk About Rape

    Rape is a crime where people often blame the victim in a way they wouldn't had another crime occurred -- for example, the theft of a wallet. Caitlin Kelly, a web producer for The New Yorker, tweeted what conversations about rape would look like if they were conversations about a stolen wallet...
  17. C

    I hate myself and I don't know what to do.

    Lately it has been really bad in my head. I have been dealing with some very frustrating and concerning medical issues for about 5 months now and in those 5 months my thoughts have been out of control. We finally think it may be pelvic floor dysfunction anyways the symptoms are very concerning...
  18. T

    One second I am okay, the next I could bash a hole in my wall.

    I am a high school student, who hovers 4 years above my fellow classmates (Dropped out, and started again). I really have no problems with my grades, understanding the stuff we go through, and things like that. The first year I had straight B's (5) and this year my grades are around C. Most of...
  19. amathus

    What emotion are you feeling right now?

    Frustration.. it has been a long day, roll on Monday!
  20. cpuusage

    Saturn retrograde 2014

    Saturn retrograde 2014 : Lynn Koiner - Astrological Research ✭SATURN TURNS RETROGRADE – MARCH 2 through JULY 20 2014✭ Saturn turning retrograde will slow down the normal rate of activity so that better methods and strategies can be developed. Saturn rules the physical and psychological...