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  1. M

    My dad makes me feel depressed and suicidal

    New here. My name is Madi and I’m on here because I don’t really have anyone to talk to about this. For the past few years I’ve been getting not nice comments from my dad. It started off as comments about my weight. When I would eat (even if it was healthy) he would look at me and say stuff like...
  2. A

    I feel so frustrated right now

    I feel incredibly frustrated right now. I think I am going to ask my psych doc about clozapine. Maybe that will help.
  3. T

    i dont know where to start

    I hope I have the right place and sorry if I haven't I don't know where to turn to and i'm starting to get concerned On the surface things should be fine, I am as healthy as you could expect for my age (48) I have somewhere to live and a job. I have a good network of friends. I should talk...
  4. T

    I dont know where to start

    I hope I have the right place and sorry if I haven't I don't know where to turn to and i'm starting to get concerned On the surface things should be fine, I am as healthy as you could expect for my age (48) I have somewhere to live and a job. I have a good network of friends. I should talk...
  5. S

    BPD - rant - frustration.

    Warning - not the happiest post, a little frustrated. What kind of sick joke is BPD?? I went through a trauma as a child, the kind of trauma no one person should have to experience, never-mind a child of 9, for several years. Is it any wonder that I shut down and as a direct consequence didn't...
  6. S

    I'm new to depression and I don't know how to deal

    Hi, is anyone there? I'm new to this, both the forum and depression. I was diagnosed clinically depressed about 4 months ago but I would say i've been living this way for almost a year now. I only sought help when I started feeling suicidal. I am not sure what it is i'm supposed to do with that...
  7. J

    Brand new

    Hello everyone , my name is Jenn. I don't know why I didn't join up here sooner ! Been on other forums for weight lifting and what not, but always get frustrated because of the lack of understanding I face with regards to my ailments . I look forward to reading and sharing with you all !
  8. F

    Autism's drug problem

    Written by Lauren Gravitz Autism's Drug Problem - Scientific American I wonder how many adults with ASD are also on a cocktail of medications. It is no doubt even worse with children.
  9. C

    Done with everything

    I feel so lonely/sad/pissed off/frustrated/upset/numb/overwhelmed. I just want to give up. I want to stop existing for a while. I want to hide under my duvet and be left the f**k alone for a while. I feel so isolated and frustrated. I feel like I just go round in circles. I can't even cry.
  10. Tired Daisy

    Losing my memory

    Something happened today which got me into a situation and I'm worried for my future. Well today I went to my housing office and nearly went to the wrong place then realized I was at the wrong door then I went to the right door and got my house keys out to unlock the door off the housing office...
  11. X

    Just existing, not really living?

    Hi, Im new to this forum and thought it would be a good way to release my thoughts and possibly seek advice. A little introduction: Ive been a single dad for over 10 years, Ive raised my Son on my own since he was 1. It has been tough, a lot to mentally take on, I had to adapt very quickly...
  12. N

    The sounds of frustration

    i am so bloody frustrated. i just want to yell and twitch about a bit making frustrated sounds. But I can't cause i'm in a stupid mental health setting and if i do what i want they will never let me go so instead i will vent through my fingers... HHNNNNNNNNNNRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH
  13. L


    Hi, I'm 21 years old and during my life time. I have gone through what I would consider a lot. I was put in care when I was 5 years old. and moved by the UK Local Authority 50 different times. I was put into protective custody when I was 10 years old. and was in trouble with the police a lot...
  14. S

    In need of advice.

    Hello. I'm new to the site. I'm not sure if you all can help me at all without my history, but I was referred here. For awhile I have been hearing voices in my head. They don't even make sense, they just be all over the place. Well lately it has gotten to the point to where their preventing me...
  15. A

    Confused. Am I crazy?

    At the end of last year I spent 14 days in the hospital and 10 days in a crisis unit. I was diagnosed with BPD along with my depression, anxiety, and PTSD. In January I returned to work and a couple days after my return my husband had something to get off his chest. He told me he couldn't...
  16. C

    Self harm thoughts

    First of all, let me make it clear that I'm not at all suicidal. I have a lovely family and no horrible life situations. I'm pretty well off and moving with my current studies at the university. I just suffered a mild depression once when II failed my annual exams (because of anxiety and health...
  17. B

    Relapsed - Trigger Warning

    Caught stuck into restricting for awhile now. Trying to eat and hating myself. My mind isn't allowing me to eat and wanting every ounce on me off. But a part of me wants to eat and when I tryto ignore ED voice, I ffeel guilty and frustrated. Just ate and the ED voice wants me to purge. Trying...
  18. valleygirl

    Medical Clearance Form

    So I saw my doctor 2 weeks ago to get a medical clearance form filled out for my new job, which I start today, and he still hasn't filled it out. I've called his office twice, and nobody seems to know anything about it, and I'm afraid that it's been lost. And I need that form filled out in...
  19. J

    not sure what I have

    Ok so I thought id start to look online having been to my GP about seeking help with my mental state, maybe see if anyone can guide me into what I may have as not entirely sure if a form of depression/anxiety or whatever. I recently came back home after a period of working away during which I...
  20. B

    Frustrated and confused with BPD

    Hi all, first post and just saying what is on my mind right now. Again I sit here thinking. Thinking so many different things. First would be ... again I don't have the strength to go be a mummy. Go sit with my babies 8 & 13... I'm too full. Work is stressful right now. Feeling overwhelmed...