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  1. E

    Voices in head

    Can anybody relate or explain what an earth is happening I’ll try and word it the best I can but it’s very hard to explain It’s like lots of people talking in my head but I can’t work out what there saying, but like it feels like my eyes are looking around inside my head trying to follow them...
  2. S

    Goodbye mental clinics

    I'm lucky, I'm a researcher At the same time I sample the study. I am not interested in reading previous research related to the subject. Today we will talk about the Red-hot sensory nerves in the front and nose. Where it was found to be the main cause Symptoms of mental illness، Especially...
  3. S

    new neighbours been intimidating myself and sister

    so we have neighbours who have lived next to us for only about six months.... they have already hit on our wall quite a few times since they have moved in. this happened when one of us was shouting or raising voice or crying . now only the other week myself my mum and my siste... we were having...
  4. Poopy Doll

    Tenant like a Volcano

    The tenant who rents a room in our house that has been divided off for privacy, blows up like a volcano periodically, when she is getting rid of her latest boyfriend. This time she went ballistic at the boyfriend while she was babysitting her nine month old grandson. She was shrieking in front...
  5. H

    Waitrose group interview

    I have a group interview tomorrow. I feel so sick at the thought. I think I would be fab in the role, but I think I will flunk the interview so that sucks. I have been looking up possible interview questions but that has just freaked me out so bad. Also I read one of the questions they could...
  6. L

    Do I have anxiety? What can I do about it?

    Hi, I'm new here! I am unsure which form to post my struggles in but I think it has something to do with anxiety. I am a very shy person and I struggle to talk in front of several people. It may have something to do with being brought up by parents who were quiet (yet often shouted at one...
  7. SBRicketts

    Who gets the bus.

    I have been imprisoned, for drinking a bottle of rum in front of a female nurse& lacking, insight, for over 10 weeks, now. I aint talkin bout no private repiout garbage either. They said that. I have, well. Anyway, 10 weeks, for lacking insight, and drinking a bottle of rum in front of a female...
  8. N

    Do I have justification to be paranoid?

    I think my supported living manager is scheming to get me evicted. She can't do it directly because I have a tendency with a housing association. She only supplies the support. She has made serious allegations about me in the past, she accused me of saying to a member off staff I had been taking...
  9. C

    I don't know where to ask this, but I'll ask here

    I noticed someone tends to mess with things when they want to talk to me. This is at work. Either they are reorganizing something next to me, fixing something, etc, but they are always doing something. But it's obvious they just want to talk. And they are rather inappropriate at the most...
  10. M

    He knows I have a problem with alcohol and just brought home beer

    'Nuff said. What do I do when he continues to drink in front of me?
  11. N

    Inadvertantly Forgot Dose for Today

    HI all, I haven't got any problems with main major symptons within me, paranoia, hearing voices, none of that. It just so happens, that a tiring late week of volunteering, and somethign came up on the home front as well, that today, I had inadvertantly forgotten to take my dose at my usual...
  12. P

    Now you can see it to.

    hurricane matthew skull pic - Google Search This is everywhere. It's not isolated to this picture. It is all throughout the earth. If you look you might be able to see it. But this is a good example though of what i see everyday. They put it everywhere down here and it's right in front of...
  13. P

    We all live in created metaphors.

    You've never seen stranger shit than this. We live in a concocted set of metaphors. Like the eclipses, they put them there and they are metaphors that exist right in front of us. These metaphors are everywhere in the life's blood of the earth. I couldn't believe it either.
  14. E

    How can I not be depressed when this is what I see daily?

    I took all these photos within a 30 second (not minute) walk of my front door. I'm not saying this is the cause of my depression as I've been on anti-depressants for 23 years, but it sure doesn't help.
  15. myownveryone

    Bad bad thoughts

    I was curled up on my bed wailing like the witches on left 4 dead for about half an hour today. I wanted to self harm so much that it hurt. Steph kept reiterating the fact that the only way out of this nightmare was to die. She was listing off all of my problems and her words were escaping my...
  16. blacktulip

    gone and done it again

    It seems I go in stages. I'm freaking out again. I'm dreading going back to work. I visually twitched in front of my manager. I can't go back ever
  17. mad-cat-lady

    in ph in mental health hospital after years of being free help

    I've been admitted on Friday no warning or reason why on a mixed ward male patients are scaring me I do not do men due to abuse I can't cope I sit in my room on 1-1 OBS I don't eat in front of people so starving I don't wee in front of people so hardly drank kidney's playing p already had to...
  18. I'm Kate

    Positive story about hypnotherapy

    Hi I just wanted to share a really special experience that I had 3 months ago which was literally life saving. Of course, this is my experience and I know that other people will have different views, experiences, etc. but I hope you don't mind me sharing this. Up until March this year, I...
  19. loulabelle

    really pi**ed off !!!!

    Cmht have really fucked up!! Im sooooooo angry I got a letter today of which i recognised the envelope so i just opened it without looking at the name on the front i thought it was the report i get sent after each appt. I soon realised this report was not mine !! But another patients so i...
  20. J

    neck tension at the front of the neck

    wondering if anyone else gets this its like an achey feeling around where your adams apple is? its very annoying and i am starting to focus and worry about it. my mum said could be how i am sleeping and obviously my anxiety as I have really bad health anxiety but as you know we always think the...