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  1. PinkCandyFloss

    Fiancés best fried treats me differently because of my mental health

    So I’ve never really been fond of my fiancé’s best friend, to be frank she is a pompous know it all and talks down to pretty much everyone. Previously people may remember me posting about my mum and he abusivr behaviour, well I’ve had to make up with her and deal with my mum for the time being...
  2. PurpleDaffodils

    Overthinking Creating Self-Loathing

    I'm in a weird situation... Been seeing this guy though we both agreed we didn't want to put the relationship label on it due to our past relationships. I know he's a good guy. He's a genuinely sweet and helpful person and he has a flirty personality, and generally has a lot of female friends...
  3. elliepaige20

    Anxiety has affected my life since I was 8

    Since childhood, I've always been an anxious/shy person. Growing up I had a best friend who we'll call Mandy. We used to do everything together and were really close, however I always had the strangest feeling that her mother didn't like me. One day, Mandy stopped coming into school, and her...
  4. C

    Intolerance and many burnt bridges

    I'm extremely isolated so tonight I started looking at local groups and activities I could get involved with in my city. It made me feel sick to see I've already been to several of these things and something happened at almost all of them to make me dislike it and never return. I feel like these...
  5. K

    I am nothing

    I'm about to turn 25. I have struggled with terrible depression and anxiety all of my life. My family has been plagued with issues that left me morose and lonely. I started self harming as a young child. It became especially bad when I was a teenager. I was involuntarily committed to a...
  6. Soul_Deeps

    Do real friendships exist?

    I don't know, I never had real friends, even if there were people who didn't hate me, they didn't want to have something to do with me. Even if there were people who were fine with talking to me sometimes or meeting me sometimes (very rare), I always felt like there were giant emotional...
  7. A

    On the run

    Ever since my last panic attack and I've been on the run. Running trying to get somewhere safe in my mind. I don't really know where is the cause of all this, I try to dig my memories but I just won't get a certain answer. I know that shit happened to me as a kid, and I know there are things...
  8. C

    friendships: being taken advantage of

    how can you really know and tell when friends are using you or just keep you as their friend for the sake of it? I've always been that person people can easily take advantage of, I mean I'm overly shy, emotional and naive with every friendship I've ever had I've felt used, when I leave it's as...
  9. W

    Friendships with others

    I was just wondering if those of you with BPD have any friendships with other people who have it? Everytime I have a friend with BPD it ends up going badly wrong. Its likely my fault as im very sensitive.
  10. M

    Just got out of hospital again. How to stay well?

    Hello. I hope everyone is having a good day. I have just got out of a mental health hospital again. I actually feel it was a helpful experience this time, possibly because I was sectioned and couldn't just discharge myself. I'm on Olanzapine, Venlafaxine and Pregabalin now. Does anyone have...
  11. C

    Attachment and Fear

    I've had this on going struggle of becoming attached to close friends, I will have impulses because of my fear of them leaving or rejecting me, these could be emotional breakdowns and angry messages towards them which I later deeply regret and feel guilty about for days. Of course, in the end my...
  12. A

    Friendship patterns? Help

    Hey everyone. So recently I've identified some unhealthy patterns of behaviour that possibly started a few years ago, although I'm not too sure. So I have realised that I tend to treat friendships like a relationship or it seems like that according to my past friendships. So recently I have...
  13. L

    How do I get closer to people

    So I've just finished my freshers week at university and I met some really nice people so far. I am by no means comfortable and although I only live about an hour away from home, I feel so terribly homesick. I think without meaning to be, i've become quite insular and as a result, girls I know...
  14. L

    Perceptions of friendship?

    Hello everyone! Sorry for what seems random, but I’m genuinely interested in your answers to those questions to compare perceptions and expectations. People in your 30s and 40s: How often do you have contact with your good friends? How often do you text and see each other? How do you know...
  15. A

    People and Relationships

    Due to my diagnosis of a Nonverbal Learning Disability, Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder, and Asperger's Syndrome I have become aware of my struggle to socialize with other individual members of society. I was taught about my use of cognitive distortions. Out of habit I would judge...
  16. N

    Fear of rejection/abandonment but no other BPD traits?

    I was rejected by my abusive parents and was taking into care at age 9. I was then moved around a lot into various foster placements and children's homes. In these circumstances would it be normal for a person to have fear of rejection/abandonment and find it difficult to get close to people and...
  17. ellieindy

    Feeling Judged, and Do You Share?

    Hi everyone, I hope this is the right forum to post to for this topic, I'm new here and have only really posted to the BPD forum before. :) I was wondering, how much of your experiences do you share online and in day to day life? I only really talk to my parents and psychologist/psychiatrist...
  18. A

    I'm a horrible friend

    I have been asked to go out tonight. And, like every other time I am invited or asked to go out, I struggle to say no and reluctantly agree to go. I hate it. I hate going out, especially on my weekends. The only people I seem to tolerate is my brother. My [main]family. So now I am sitting here...
  19. S

    Stuck in a situation that's causing me to isolate myself

    Hi guys, this is my first post here because I really need to talk to anyone about this situation, it's eating me up inside. A few months ago my best friend (who I live with) abandoned me when he got a girlfriend (who I also live with). He had been the first person I'd opened up to in years, I...
  20. P

    I hate love.

    It works out great because i'm crazy. Can't have it but don't want it either. Unfortunately what i seek i can't have either, good friendships. God love is awful.