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  1. K

    i have no one and i’m lost

    I’ve just left high school, and ever since about a year ago i’ve just felt down and a mixture of negative emotions. Early in high school I was popular and had lots of ‘friends’. I decided to strip myself of popularity completely as i thought it was bad and leading me down the wrong track. Since...
  2. P

    Kinda new here, feeling alone

    Hello, I'm kind of new here, I've been diagnosed with Schizoaffective, OCD and i have Depersonalization, i just decided to delete my FB account, it makes me unhappy and i got tired of the loud arguments and fairy tale lives and i'm trying to do some things for me and i don't want to seek...
  3. M

    Just feel pointless

    I don't value life anymore. I am so sad and depressed everyday. I'm 18 and just finished education. I broke up with my girlfriend recently. She was the world to me. She made me happy and we were in love. We met when we were both 16 and thought we would spend the rest of our lives together...
  4. K

    Why did she leave me?

    My best friend of 1 year and I moved away for college together. She was depressed and suicidal and she said she had a dream to go away and start a new life with me. Her parents weren't helping much so I offered to support her until she was stable. I gathered money from my old jobs and helped her...
  5. K

    Can I get your thoughts please?

    Hi, this is my first post. I have been a bit lost. My brother died a few months ago, he was 32. He would openly tell us about depression and anxiety, but also had some behavioural traits that could be difficult to cope with. After he died we met lots and lots and lots of his friends who we would...
  6. S

    Struggling with a few things

    Hey everyone. This is my first.post so im just going to dive in. Ive been struggling with depression for most of my life. Ive kept it from my family as we are not that close. Im very close with my suster though. I have kept it from her as she has a negitive view of people with depression because...
  7. B

    Help me identify the core issue

    Hi all, at church last sunday I was expecting to go to the cafe with some friends as usual (T, H, L) but at the end of the service H told me that she had been invited to go somewhere else with another group...I was suddenly filled with an intense kind of fear and anxiety, I felt as if my world...
  8. Guy12182

    Depression and its friends

    Depression is a debilitating disorder. Depression has many friends such as: hibernation, social remoteness, numbing of the mind, spirit and reasoning, sadness, anger, frustration and starvation. I'm sure there's many more. This is what I go through, starvation with severe depression. And I have...
  9. S

    will someone listen and be my friend?

    i think i might commit suicide. i really want to at least. is there anyone who will be my friend i can talk to? i have no one.
  10. Guy12182

    Starting my life over at 56

    Hello everyone, I'm from upstate NY and I'm a volunteer Fire Fighter & EMT. I find myself at the age 56 having to start my life over. I never would have imagined myself doing this since I thought everything was going great even though I have no friends and my only two brothers I do not speak...
  11. J

    Building confidence?

    Hi all, Recently turned 28 and throughout a lot of my 20s have suffered from anxiety and depression. I have just got so used to life being this bad, no career, no friends, lack of confidence, feeling like a failure. I currently work in sales administration and at least it is a job yes but...
  12. R

    “Borderline despair”

    Hii, Needing some advice on how to pull myself out the “borderline despair” stage. Everything in my life has changed recently, moved house so moved away from my best friends who was my safety net and keep me grounded, also fell out with one of my very best friends due to his ex being a sneak...
  13. A

    Happy to find this

    Hi all, I'm really happy I found this forum where I can share what I really want people to know and feel about me. Basically I'm struggling with anxiety disorder, dpdr (based on my own diagnosis) and chronic stress. I like to play sports and hang outdoors. I love nature and playing around with...
  14. C

    friendships: being taken advantage of

    how can you really know and tell when friends are using you or just keep you as their friend for the sake of it? I've always been that person people can easily take advantage of, I mean I'm overly shy, emotional and naive with every friendship I've ever had I've felt used, when I leave it's as...
  15. S

    College, Friends and criminal record

    Right a few months ago I was not in a good frame of mind. I am feeling happier and better about my self but i live in the UK and I got a spent criminal record for being nasty to some people online on forums, I really want to volunteer for camp america though and i am worried that i won't be able...
  16. C

    Keeping Friends

    Hi all Hoping to draw some knowledge and advice from your lovely selves on a little issue I'm having, which may be classed as a mental health issue, or may not! I'll try to be brief :) I'm a 27 year old male, with a partner and 2 kids. I'm happy, content and grateful for all I have in life...
  17. E


    So I have pretty much been a loner my hole life. I have been diagnosed with social phobia. Anyway, I have a hard time understanding people who say they are your friend yet they never call you, never ask or invite you to do anything. How does this constitute friend ship. Empty Silence
  18. B

    Ready to kill myself

    I can't take the pain of existence anymore. EVERY single person I have EVER cared about has abandoned me. I will NEVER find any new friends. My ONLY dream in life is dead. I have literally nothing to live for.
  19. D

    So much going on at the minute - advice/support would be great please?

    Hi all. Hope you're doing okay. A lot has happened in the recent months of my life and I'm struggling. I only had two proper friends before, but that was enough for me. One passed away in January, he was only 28, and the investigation into his death took a long time, I only found out the cause...
  20. H

    Lost my way

    I don't know where to start, I've never been good with words but I have try and let it all out, otherwise I don't what will become of me.everything seems so messed up, I don't remember the last time I felt something genuinely be it happiness, sadness I feel empty all the time I put on a fake...