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  1. D

    Friends and mental health.

    Hi my name is Davinia I'm 41yrs old. I suffer with bpd, voices, depression, hallucinations panick attacks. I moved to Middlesex 2yrs ago and have no friends apart from my partner and his family here in Middlesex. I feel very lonely and lost also can not go out on my own as I find it hard. Been...
  2. qwerty1234

    Lack of motivation

    My friend has lack of motivation. What do you think should be done? I want to help him and can't really concentrate right now.
  3. T

    Shame story; has anyone else had a similar experience?

    This happened over a year ago, but of course, I'm still ruminating about it. I wanted to post and ask if anyone else has done anything like this, so maybe I won't feel so worthless. It was my boyfriend 's birthday party last year and he had all his friends and family over. I feel like he is my...
  4. G

    I feel like a horrible person

    I was diagnosed with bpd 4 years ago. On the inside I am very impatient and easily annoyed. I don't forgive people. I have not patience with people I think are stupid. I don't like many people. I have said rude things to people and some days just don't speak much. I cam be blunt and insult...
  5. E

    How to help a friend?

    Cheers! A friend of mine has been pretty "down", lately, mostly College and another thing, which I will explain right away, and with him being my best friend, I can't help but worry, so I was hoping that maybe someone here would maybe help me help my friend. (Thank you all in advance!) So, to...
  6. tragicpink

    My BPD vs. my boyfriend (cw self harm)

    This is my first time posting so hello. I just wanted to post a bit of my story in regards to my current boyfriend in hopes that someone can relate or has coping advice for me. So we've been together first since March then we took a break for the summer and now we're back together and stronger...
  7. A

    When is my soul coming back

    The pain of a million souls The fight of a lonely one Captured and exits don’t seem to exist My body, my mind, i keep trying to resist. A survivor, i call myself to get by To win i always persist Break me free i say to myself But what if myself is the enemy How can we be friends again? If...
  8. fazza

    When you right off your last friend due to schizophrenia

    Had my best friend for 33 years. Now lost. He just dose not get it. He never answers my calls never calls me back. Says he is afraid that I might go "schizo" like I am some kind of knife attacker. Ah well. I have now only my wife. All alone. I can tell you it sucks. The life I had and the life...
  9. S

    Am I alone in this?

    I'm a 26 year old male and have been working for the family business since 17. Started as a part time thing for 1 month, which has become 9 years. I'm not forced, but without me my (ill and elderly) parents would need to hire 3 extra people and business can't afford it. Turned down decent...
  10. H

    what to do? - friend with bpd of 20+ years

    My friend of 20+ years was diagnosed with BPD. We have always been close but our friendship has always been lopsided. I have always felt like there's no space for me in our relationship. It's always about her and I feel like I'm always caught up riding her emotional roller coaster. Not too long...
  11. S

    Thinking of getting in touch with my friends but i'm unemployed

    Hello everyone! Back in 2015 I had it all, friends and money but then my mental health problems i spent years hiding got worse to the point where they hit me hard physically and emotionally and one day in work I took a good long look at my situation and thought to myself that I cant go on like...
  12. B

    Disability Dating Site

    I wondered if there was such a thing for those of us... you know, like us. I see loads of sites for people in wheelchairs but nothing for us. Yeah, I know, the regular sites should be for us too but we all, well, I know, that isn’t the case. We are more for fixing by the “normal” people than...
  13. C

    Overweight Friend

    I didn't exactly want to make this thread, as I have no idea how people will take it, I'm in no way trying to shame my friend for being overweight, I'm making this thread out of concern This friend I hadn't talked to for over a year because she cut off pretty much everyone including me, I'm...
  14. L

    Hi all

    I am from Ireland BPD since 2005. I am looking to make friends and maybe even people in Ireland who I can relate to with the health service support.
  15. B

    Making friends when you feel like the town freak show?

    I went from mania to psychosis because of drugs. I called 911 like 25 times in a few months, lost all of my friends for good, and was wandering around homeless for a while. I thought people were psychopaths and I was part of a police investigation. So I started weird fights with friends. I’m...
  16. V

    I know why I’m like this but I can’t seem to do anything about it

    I’ve never been good enough, not a good enough daughter, my mother resents me, it a good enough niece, not a good enough friend, not successful enough for people I thought were my friends, I didn’t fit the box, not a good enough wife, not fun enough, not interesting enough, not nice enough, not...
  17. S

    28 and dead inside..

    Whats up everyone.. I'm new here and I'm going through a terribly bad time at the moment in my head and I don't know where to turn. I don't see any way back into life, I feel as if I'm on the outside looking in at everybody and I'm stuck there. I lost all of my so called friends when I was...
  18. A

    Social Anxiety, loneliness, what do I do now?

    Hi everyone, I’ve not posted somewhere like this before but I want to see if anyone can offer me advice or something like that. I’m not sure really where to begin and this might be quite lengthy, so thank you in advance to anyone who does read this. I have a bit of a history of anxiety, both...
  19. S

    Depression and Anxiety...what about confusion?

    Hey all, I want to see if anyone can relate to my situation. I'm 23 and a couple years ago I realised I hadn't been happy since I was in school (16). That's still true. Things have gradually improved since that realisation, but extreme hell---->partial hell is still not where I want to be. When...
  20. P

    What am I doing with my life...

    Day in and day out. I guess I make an effort to be something, or atleast become something. I am currently a 22 year old male, living with my mom and teenage siblings. At the moment I study chemistry at university and work part time outside of that. Sometimes I just stop to think what I am even...