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  1. T

    the story of my life

    It is quiet. Around here, around me. In me. Birds stopped singing, trees stopped moving, waters stopped flowing. Everything came to a halt. It is silent. Who am I? What is my purpose here? Will I ever have a purpose? Will I be fighting alone in my life? Alone. Lonely. Will I be able to cope with...
  2. S

    New here

    Looking for advice in how to help a friend who has OCD. I'm in a difficult situation.
  3. S

    hello from scotland

    hey, Im a male in my 30's I've had mental heath issues my whole adult life but I've been making progress recently. Hope to make some friends on here.
  4. R

    Hello everyone

    I'm 22 and I have mental health problems from two years now. At first I was treated for depression, but maybe that's not the major problem. I really need some place where I can talk about these stuff because no one around actually understands how hard is it for me to fight my demons. My friends...
  5. L

    Need someone to talk to

    I just have so much going on in my head everyday is a battle and I don't know how much longer I can stay strong for... I have no family members I can talk to or no friends I just need somebody to help me
  6. M

    Thought i was fine, but i am not

    Hello i had a dark year after my mother died, i had a few months of feeling good i thought i was in the clear but i ended up self harming and now im back in a place i cant get out, i have not seen my friends in almost a year and i dont know what to do anymore, im too scared too seek help and im...
  7. J

    So alone

    So today/yesterday (I haven’t slept yet) a friend of over 10 years publicly “name & shame”d me to some 500 people with some pretty serious false allegations. Now I have so many people I don’t even know that are wishing me dead, saying what a horrible person I am and how much they hope I suffer...
  8. J

    How to help a friend with depression

    Hi, I started university about 3 months ago and became really close friends with a boy living opposite me. About a month into knowing each other he told me that he had depression and that he was taking medication for it. After this, I would try and keep asking him how he was and making sure he...
  9. E

    No friends

    Does anyone else have no friends because of their depression?
  10. Tired Daisy

    I'm the most horrendously hideous person ever

    Ok so I said I wouldn't post until February but sod it I'm feeling so crap right now and depressed I wish I would die. Some of you reading this will say oh your amazing and all the rest of it... yep I may be somewhat alright behind a computer typing and posting stuff and commenting but in real...
  11. G

    Seeking out help for a dear friend

    Hello, I am writing this with my phone very late at night so please forgive me for any spelling mistakes. I'll get straight to the point. A friend of mine suffers from multiple personality disorder, and as someone who isn't very educated on this topic I want to know if what I have been doing (as...
  12. qwerty1234

    Friend makes an asshole comment and I want to go into borderline rage

    Hi, When I am away from the psych community I am not sure if I really am sick or if psychiatry likes to medicalize people, but i know that I can learn from this stuff a lot, just as I relate to ADHD people, and just as i relate to some things about autism. I know there are some principles in...
  13. qwerty1234

    Dark sides to my personality

    I find I engage conflict sometimes, enjoy combative or litigious behavior, and while i think that critical thinking is important, i don't want to burn through friends bu picking fights. Anyone who likes deep discussion about philosophical and psychological topics and is ok with aggression and...
  14. qwerty1234

    Dealing with rejection

    I was rejected by an old friend who I fell in love with and who didn't reply to my email. A lot of men I feel care only for their own feelings. I know that is a strong statement but is how I feel. I got interviewed for jobs that I didn't get. My current volunteer employer hasn't emailed me...
  15. J

    Anxiety getting worse again

    Hey everyone! This may come off as a rant but here goes. I (27F) suffer from anxiety. 2 years ago (when I could afford to!) I spent a lot of time with a therapist working towards these issues. I feel like my symptoms are getting worse again and I would just like to know what to do or...
  16. B

    Top of the world, back down to earth

    I started seeing my best friend as more than a friend, having left my previous partner who was not good for my mental health, it was the happiest I have been in years, genuinely felt like nothing could stop me, suddenly she has put the breaks on the whole thing, something I can understand as...
  17. EarthDreams

    Ex Friends

    So i had two friends who were my very best friends in the whole world. Like we did everything together and we told each other everything, it was really great for about 5 of the 7 years that we knew each other. As we got older and in high school things started to get really bad between us. They...
  18. H

    my ex is back in town and im depressed

    i was going out with this guy months ago, he had to leave for New York as an exchange student but didn't end things with me before he left, so i was left thinking he would come back 6 months later and we would get back together. for about 5 months i daydreamed about the day he would come back...
  19. D

    Don't know how to stop

    I feel I'm pushing everyone away. I'm distant with my friends and family. But worst of all is how I keep getting angery at my girlfriend for every bit of critisism. If she says my hair is too messy to meet her friends, I take it as an attack. She's all but dumped me at this point and I don't...
  20. C

    maybe somebody can relate

    so I have pushed away most of my friends and family due to negative emotions (blaming, addiction, paranoia, anger, recklessness etc). I feel like I need to get away from them in order to fully recover. I noticed major improvements since cutting almost all contact with friends and family. I...