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  1. F

    How to keep long lasting friendships with BPD

    I've been in and out of friendship groups, gone through a number of 'best' and close friends, just to end up alone over and over and over again Every friendship starts out great, then as soon as I get too comfortable and start opening up, my BPD starts to show, I get easily triggered and...
  2. T

    i don't know how to fight this.

    In november 2013 i went back to my country to visit my friends and family. (i always had a tendency to love and respect more my friends rather my parents who were really annoying sometimes) I was going there happy to surprise my best friend and hang around as much as i could with her, but she...
  3. E

    My friends are getting tired of me

    I've recently gone through a hard time and went on and on about it to my friends. I tend to get so emotional and depressed each time there is something that stresses me out, I always need to talk it all out. So I do understand it can be veeery annoying to have someone like me as a friend. Plus...
  4. M

    What did he think about me ?

    I have a friend but we are not actually boy friend and girl friend. He told I am his very good friend and he has nothing to hide to me . He talked me about all thing even his sexual expectation . Everyday he called me over phone and gave attention than other to me. Sometimes he said sweet words...