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  1. N

    Friend zone

    How do you get out the friend zone with someone when you have social anxiety?
  2. S


    I haven't had many friends in my life because I struggle to let anyone in. Those I do let in though hurt me so I ask my self why I let anyone in anyway. I'm lonely I have been for years with know one to confide in and constantly being let down. I always gain friends that are older than me but I...
  3. D

    Why is my friend being like this?

    So, I've been getting really anxious and worried lately about my friend. They haven't bothered with me in 2 and a half months. I don't know why. I guess I should explain better. We used to be friends in high school and in 2013, they moved quite far away and said they would still come to visit...
  4. PurpleDaffodils

    Used By Friend for Sex...

    After getting out of an abusive relationship I had been trapped in for years I was beginning to get my footing and my life back. Then I started hanging out with a new friend group who were really awesome including this guy that I wound up liking and didn't realize he also liked me. After...
  5. L

    New to this

    Hey everyone I've never been good at the whole introducing yourself, I'm a young female who is rather confused if I'm honest, it all started around 10years ago I fell into deep depression soon after my grandfather died when I was 14years old at the time I was going through a terrible time I...
  6. N

    My ex- best friend accused me of something I didn't do (part 2)

    Hello everyone :) This is the second part of my first thread (https://www.mentalhealthforum.net/forum/thread140383.html). Please read it first, so you can understand the whole situation. Me and my ex- best friend haven't had contact until now. Today my ex- best friend called me 7 times but I...
  7. N

    What should I do? My ex-best friend accused me of something I didn't do.

    What should I do? My ex-best friend accused me of something I didn't do. What should I (female/19/atheist) do? My ex-best friend (female/21/muslim) accused me of something I didn't do. My ex-best friend was angry at me for saying that I think that she's doing everything to be liked by a guy...
  8. cathy340

    Need advice on a toxic friend

    So basically I've been friends with this girl for over 4 years and I feel it's time to let go of her. HOWEVER, I am scared I will be unbearably lonely if I do so, and I will have nobody to accompany me to events and stuff like that, which sucks. I apologise for my grammar below, I quickly...
  9. C

    Roommate/BFF with borderline and I need advice

    Hey guys! Long post so get ready. I finished my first year of college in May. My roommate became my best friend however she acted the same way I did when I was in high school. In high school I had borderline tendencies (although I was officially diagnosed with only PTSD). I could be incredibly...