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  1. S

    Confused newbie

    Very new to all this and don't have clue whats going on 😟 Hubby had some form of breakdown September spent week in crisis house, medication was working and then I lost my dad. Hubbie has relapsed and I can't support him, I'm a mess not accepted dads dead, angry at him for not stepping up or...
  2. M

    Any who wants to chat ? (people over 25 old)

    Today is friday, i dont have anything to do, dont have anyone to talk. Any with the same ?
  3. valleygirl

    I don't know what to do

    So I've been really exhausted lately - I work full time at a daycare, and I haven't taken holidays in quite awhile because I can't afford to take time off. Now my mom is offering to take me to a really nice place right by the ocean for the weekend - if I can get Friday off. Now, you may think...
  4. K

    Girlfriend stops all contact

    Hello everyone, I dealt with bad depression in 2017 and last few days I've felt it again so I've just joined this website. I am struggling to understand a recent situation and I'm very anxious and struggling. I'm 35 with everything going for me, house, car, financial security etc but I feel...
  5. S

    Alcohol problem

    I'm not an alcoholic as such but I have been drinking every night for years and have become seriously obese because of this. In May I decided enough was enough, cut down the alcohol, got a turbo trainer for my neglected bike and set about loosing weight. I have lost 1.5 stones, lost 10" off my...
  6. valleygirl

    Feeling Very Fragile

    I won't go into a lot of detail, but we had a very stressful series of interactions with a parent at the daycare where I work last week. There was a situation last Monday that just kept building throughout the week. We had a mom being totally unreasonable in her expectations of us in relation...
  7. S

    How can i cope with my anxiety and negative thoughts ?

    Hi im new to this forum, but hoping you can all help me. I have suffered with anxiety and depression for numerous years after losing my little boy on Christmas day 2004. I am finding that although I am on tablets for my depression it doesn't seem to be helping me with a few things lately...
  8. L

    My Feelings for a girl is killing me.

    I have had feelings for this girl for along time. I have never told a soul how I feel about her. Me another guy and her where always good friends we all worked together then he left got a new job but still kept in touch. On Friday just gone I went out with them along others from work an it...
  9. P

    i feel I am going mad :( reduction in meds

    Hello, after seeing a consultant I am meant to be starting a new anti depressant however when i made the doctor's appointment to go back on Friday so i could start the new med, the letter from the consultant hadnt been recieved so my dr said to lower the fluoxetine from 60mg to 40mg. I did that...
  10. G

    Mental health news this week

    A mentally ill man in London has admitted stabbing to death an academic on his way to post new baby cards - just days after he was let off for carrying a knife and attacking a policeman. Femi Nandap, 23, has pleaded guilty to knifing Dr Jeroen Ensink, 41, who suffered catastrophic injuries after...
  11. G

    Mental health news this week

    (A little late because I've been away) Katy Chachou was in her element as a British Airways air hostess, busying herself going from office to office updating pilots and cabin crew on their new schedules. Or so she believed. In fact, Katy had left her job a decade earlier; the ‘pilots’ and...
  12. I

    so nervous advice please

    Hi I'm.so.nervous because Friday I'm getting my hair coloured and cut to lighter with highlights and toner and I.had a bad experience where one day the hairdresser said I had nits so I'm.scared this will.happen Friday I'm.also scared I will.look.stupid.secondly I'm.really nervous because I have...
  13. G

    Mental health news this week

    The Munich gunman was a “depressed” teenager who grew obsessed with mass shootings after being bullied at school and may have been inspired by Norwegian extremist Anders Breivik. Ali David Sonboly was receiving psychiatric treatment for several mental disorders, including depression - Ali...
  14. G

    Mental health news this week

    A businessman was stabbed to death in the garage of his luxury seaside home in front of his family by a schizophrenic man 'stoked up' on drugs who had claimed to be the Son of Satan. Ian Dollery, 51, was knifed more than 30 times by Robert Kay, 49, at his £450,000 detached property in Lytham St...
  15. Lincoln1990

    What the heck? Snow...in September?!?

    It is supposed to be 25-30 F and we are under a freeze watch until Friday. And we are supposed to get snow?!? Why this early?
  16. Lincoln1990

    Still under flood warning :(

    Under flood warning until 2 PM Friday :low:
  17. kizim

    Crisis Team Forgot me...

    The crisis team were ment to visit me today, but they forgot! In the end they sent a driver with a prescription & said that I will get a visit on Friday to see how I'm doing. I'm feeling really let down & unsupported again...!
  18. loulabelle

    is my pdoc an alien ???

    Please dont laugh but do you think theres a chance my pdoc might be an alien pretending to be a pdoc to study the human brain and the effects of drugs.. I dont think i want to see her on friday if she is an alien, or take these drugs any more
  19. T

    started on friday :(

    Hi im new to this site. Im 30 yrs old and have 3 beautiful children. Since my first child was born I have suffered from depression and anxiety. Its seems to have gradually got worse and now I fear im on dangerouse territory as I have seriously considered suicide- for which I would overdose on...
  20. loulabelle

    pdoc appt on friday

    Im seeing my pdoc in friday as an emergency appt as in mixed state again. Trouble is i already know what she will say she wants me to go on anti phsychotic but i dont want to and i will be saying no. I dont want to go to hospital but i dont want anti psychotics :'(