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  1. L

    Severe chills?

    Hi, I’ve just started Uni and so I’ve been pretty anxious for a while now. But on the first night I suffered some really odd chills and I want to know if anyone’s suffered anything similar. Basically I was freezing, but I didn’t have goosebumps or shivers. I put thick winter PJs on with socks...
  2. vanish

    Winter has officially arrived in Australia!

    I'm freezing! In Queensland (which is subtropical and spends most of the year sweating through heatwave conditions), the mercury last night hovered just above freezing. I believe the Southern states are experiencing snow in places that don't normally get it. Those Westerly winds, brrr!! I do...
  3. R

    Stopped risperidone

    Been on anti psychotics since February for PTSD, anxiety being the worse symptom then depression. I'm sick of the side effects - ballooning weight, shuffling walk, no expression, dulled thoughts ( helped ease self harm urges). Anyway I'm day 4 without, I have a strange feel though, my body is...
  4. Unique1

    i very rarely cry..

    Bit of a tight chest last night, bit like I was coming down with a bug.It wasn't worrying me, did just feel like had a slight chest infect. In the last couple hrs I've been freezing really cold, maybe it's weather bit I' really don't get cold easily, my feet n hands still cold but I've wrapped...
  5. B

    Just called in sick

    This morning I woke up after a 12 hour sleep and I was knackered. I didn't feel I could face work but decided I would go as I thought I might feel better in work. The issue was I started getting ready and just kept freezing up, I couldn't move for short periods of time and getting out of these...
  6. RainbowHeartz

    Winters in England

    Used to be freezing frosty and snowy now it's cold and wet