1. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Does anybody have experience with heroin?

    Heroin? Who else has done heroin? I haven't had any in prob ten years or more but today I was fiending for it really bad. How long has it been for you and do you still crave it? If I had any contacts I would have gotten some today. Even though I'm broke, I would have found the money somehow.
  2. K

    Get on board, fellow Bi-Polars......

    OK OK OK OK and it's bad where is Rass, bob shocker, and manic miner?? Guys it's a worry whats going on as to where you all are, and katss is having to take up the freefall and guess what she can't>>>>>> get on it guys.... yea what ever :meanie::inlove::eek2::goodluck::yuck::sleepy2::thumbdown: