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  1. H


    FREE SUPPORT LINE 4 Hearing, Visions & Paranoia @ Hearing Voices Network UK Welcome 2 our FREE Services :welcome::welcome::welcome: About us... :dance::dance: Who are we? The Hearing Voices Support Network is a branch of support across the UK to listen & support anyone who hears voices. Or...
  2. J

    Anyone Taking Brentillix?

    Hello, I have been taking Brentillix for the past 10 weeks, and it seems to help me. However, I have a lot of trouble sleeping. It has helped me get out of a deep depression, although I am certainly not symptom free. I was wondering if anyone else has experience with this med and how it has...
  3. B

    Meditation not Mindfulness

    Hi Guys. I've been searching for the right type of meditation that helps for years. I came across Raja Yoga Meditation at Brahma Kumaris Centres that are all over the UK + totally free of charge. The one I go to is near the Opera House in central Manchester, as it's geared to help cope with...
  4. M

    Can't break free...

    Hi I'm new to this forum, but I have been suffering from depression for some time, it was brought on by bullying I suffered at work and it has completely destroyed my confidence ... As such my life is in shambles, I feel alone and unloved, I get called ugly so much that I feel its true, I can't...
  5. A

    When is my soul coming back

    The pain of a million souls The fight of a lonely one Captured and exits don’t seem to exist My body, my mind, i keep trying to resist. A survivor, i call myself to get by To win i always persist Break me free i say to myself But what if myself is the enemy How can we be friends again? If...
  6. fazza

    How much of a good run have you had

    Been 6 months med free then come crashing down without warning. How long have you gone med, symptom free.
  7. M

    Its a free for all

    Mental health services and my family even the job centre have psychosis. There’s no point opening my mouth. They have psychosis. My whole life doesn’t exist. They have psychosis. Psychosis from the day I was born. If I walk into a psychiatrist or a psychologist it’s a free for all on my...
  8. S


    Hi everybody. I'm Sean - a newbie who has just joined up today. I'm fairly new to anxiety but it's had a pretty big impact on my life over the past 6 months. I swing from in control to desperate on a daily basis but hopefully hearing some of you stories will be helpful to both me and you. I'm...
  9. Tired Daisy

    Food Banks

    I wanted to start a thread on food banks and free food places in general and after the no deal Brexit that people seem to so desperately want, and to be worse off and food prices rising I might not be able to afford food anymore if its to expensive. So what are the requirements for food banks...
  10. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Do you question if you're really sick?

    How often do you question whether you're sick or not? I've been thinking lately that I'm not really ill. That I've confused and misled multiple trained providers. But then i have a visual hallucination I can't explain. I'm so confused. But I don't want to go back to hospital. Now that I have...
  11. A

    No meds?

    Is there anyone here that has Bipolar 2 that has decided to go meds free? I have been reading about the side effects of the common drug treatment and they all have drastic side effects. I'm wondering if it is better to go meds free? Any thoughts?

    I wish I could just walk and be happy.

    Peaceful life: Simple job a few hours a week. Spending my free time hiking the countryside. I would be happy. But instead I want more. I want more and its killing me.
  13. Kerome

    Freedom of choice

    I’ve been thinking about where my life is at, and I came to an interesting insight. Most people seem to let their choices be determined by a very small set of ambitions and factors: they want a family, they want to own a house and a car, they want to go on holiday... They literally chain...
  14. Kerome

    Making life-changing decisions on small evidence

    I’ve come across a few autobiographical stories lately where people have made life changing decisions on very slim evidence... for example there was one lady who met an Indian man casually in Germany, and when he said he was going back to India she had a feeling she would go with him, and she...
  15. C

    Hi everyone

    I have just joined so here to say a huge hello and look forward to sharing and hearing about those who are dealing with bpd. I'm an open book so feel free to ask
  16. Funnyday

    Free brand new white goods and utility debts paid as well

    My fridgefreezer has gone kaput. So searching for a replacement I stumbled upon Eon's energy fund EON They will supply replacement white goods and boilers free of charge! You just have to fill out the online form and upload any proof of income which they ask you for. I have today applied...
  17. F

    Could I come off my meds

    I have been diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia. I have had approx. 4 relapses but have been relapse free for approx 4 years , Since I have been on Clozapine. They have dropped my meds down to 200mg (Which I have been told is the lowest they can go). I have had a stable job for about 3 and...
  18. H

    Borderline Relapse After 15 years recovery?

    Hi, I was diagnosed with bpd 15 years ago. Took DBT, CBT, therapy, meds and got off disability. Then worked 12 years relatively symptom free. Now I'm having a complete relapse and I'm off work. Is this normal for borderlines to go through?
  19. fazza

    Med free as of 1st of october

    Well Thats it I am done. I decided that after the clozapine situation that I went through earlier this year I decided against switching to aripirazole. I am now med free and so far feelingfine although a little irratated at times. My c.p.n is off sick again 6th time this year and i am not...
  20. F

    Hello! I m new here...

    Hello I m fiffynatsha. Currently, I have schizophrenia with depression. Feel free to welcome me. ;)